10 Great Gifts in 2021 for Hostesses


There are many social customs that we are taught to follow.

One of those is the age-old advice of “never show up to a party empty-handed.” We couldn’t agree more with this. Being invited to a party is a privilege, not a right.

When you are hosting a party, a lot of time, energy and money is put into ensuring that the event goes off without a hitch! Whether it is a small dinner party, game night, or big birthday bash, you should never go to someone’s party without bringing a token of appreciation to the hostess.

But how do you know what to get? The good news is that there are numerous options for a hostess package that will both express your appreciation and gratitude for the invitation while equally making the host of the event feel special.

From homeware like a candle to a gift basket full of delicious nibbles, there is a range of options you can easily order online and have prepared to bring to the next event you get invited to.

Here is our guide of 10 great gifts for hostesses in 2021.

1. A cheeseboard

Chances are the hostess likes entertaining if she’s gone through the trouble of organizing an event. So bringing a cheese board with cheese knives is a great way to help support their future party plannings too.

2. A candle

Nothing is more calming than a candle. With calming scents like lavender, pinot gris, and coffee, a candle is a kind gesture to the hostess that will encourage them to relax after the event is finished. Plus, it makes for a nice home décor addition and will remind them of what a great friend you are.

3. A gift basket

If you aren’t quite sure what to get, go for a pre-made gift basket! Make sure there is a mix of nuts, chocolate, wine, and dried fruit inside. Chances are, the hostess has been cooking up a storm all day, so will appreciate having a grazing platter to nibble on the following day that won’t involve them having to do any extra dishes!

4. A blanket

We are all spending more time at home these days. And we all want our home to feel as comfortable as possible. If the hostess invited you over to their home, why not get them a warm blanket that they can snuggle under after the event is finished?

5. A plant

Flowers are great, but a plant lasts longer! Why not get a great house plant to bring to the hostess as a way to enhance their home and remind them of your kind gesture far into the future? Plus, if you get the right house plant it is easy maintenance for them too. Here’s how you can contact the best provider of preserved flower arrangement Sydney.

6. A board game

If you are invited over to a small party, why not bring the hostess the entertainment for the night? There are tons of fun adult board games at EveryMarket that will keep everyone off their phones and keep the laughter and energy high.

7. A cocktail set

When hosting an event, things can get stressful. Nothing helps relieve a hostess of stress better than a cocktail set. Bring them a cocktail mixer with the appropriate liquor, mixers, and glasses. We guarantee you’ll be their new best friend. Click here for cocktail glasses and gin gift packs in Australia.

8. Honey

Simple, sweet, and long-lasting. Honey has a variety of uses that will come in handy for the hostess and remind them of how sweet you are.

9. Dessert

Everyone loves a good dessert at a house party. So why not take some of the pressure off the hostess and bring the dessert for them? Just order a cake or box of donuts and you will be the hit of the house.

110. A card

Classic, simple and meaningful. A simple thank you card is a great and effective way to thank the hostess. Make it simpler by visiting https://simplynoted.com and getting the handwritten card you have in mind.

These top 10 gift ideas are sure to be a hit with any hostess in 2021!

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