10 Negative Effects You Won’t Escape In Drinking

Depending on the degree of consumption of alcohol, there are varying effects on individuals. Occasional drinking may not warrant severe or many harmful effects but consistent drinking, binge drinking can cause severe health complications such as organs dysfunction, financial crises, and psychological effects on you.

There is a thin line separating moderate or social drinking and being hooked on drinking or developing alcohol addiction. So it is in your interest to have a gauge on how much you drink and when to.

No matter how little or how much you drink, there are some negative effects you can but have, and they are;


This is a sickness that comes after having too much drinking. It tends to end with a pretty bad headache that seems to last forever. Vomiting, feeling nausea, and drowsiness. And for when you think rehab is needed, get Legacy Healing Tampa.

Brain Drain

Alcohol consumption damages the brain, resulting in short term memory loss, lack of coordination, or balance. It impaired the coordination of the nervous system as the brain that regulates the function of all nerves is quite epileptic. It can also create permanent damage to the brain which may result in a stroke.

Pancreas Infection

The pancreas helps secrete insulin. Insulin is what regulates the sugar content or level in the blood by breaking it down into glucose. If your sugar level is low, it results in a condition call hypoglycemia (low sugar level) and may also result in having too much sugar level in your blood as the organ responsible for sugar level regulations has become dysfunctional through too much drinking.


There is an inherent attachment to drinking virtually most of the time and it grows with speed. Too much drinking creates a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol to perform the littlest activity. There is also an increase in the rate of which fatigue set in.

Abdominal Disorder

Alcohol damage the tissues in your abdominal cavity. This will affect the tissues responsible for digestion or the digestive tracts. This will prevent the absorption of vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream, cause dehydration, bloating, oftentimes result in diarrhea, ulcer, and likely to cause internal bleeding.


You are at greater risk of cancerous infection if you drink too much. The possible places of infection are the mouth, throat, esophagus or lung, and liver.

High Blood Pressure

Too much drinking causes an increase in blood pressure or hypertension. This is fatal and can cause difficulty for the heart to pump blood around the body, result in problematic heart rate, heart attack, or stroke. It can also result in permanent paralysis of some part of the body.

Dysfunctional Immune System

Too much drinking may result in a reduction in the effectiveness of immune systems fighting against diseases. The immune system is a body soldier against invading germs and viruses and the depletion in the functions of same creates a higher risk of falling sick. It will also slow down your recovery process in the case of an injury or accident.

Liver Inflammation

Alcohol drinking is a harmful substance in the body no matter how little of the same you consume. The liver helps in the detoxification of such harmful substances but when the liver is overwhelmed due to too much drinking. The inability of your liver to properly expel the harmful effects of alcohol in your body will result in inflammation of the same, a condition known as cirrhosis. This in the long run will make your body open to all forms of disease as there is a depletion in the function of the liver.  You can also check out foods for liver repair as well.

In all things moderation, alcoholic consumption is very dangerous to your health and the overall wellbeing of your body.