10 Outstanding Garden Fountains To Enhance Your Backyard


Gardens are a big part of our homes that we love decorating to perfection.

Outdoor water features can enhance the overall look of your garden. It will bring a touch of class and sounds that will recreate nature right there in your yard.

 What are the best options that you get for your garden?

Here’s our top pick of 10 garden fountains that you can get from local dealers and shops.

1. Birdbath

A birdbath in your backyard will bring you a touch of class and will attract birds that will make your yard alive and more vivid.

A small fountain on top will make suiting sounds and feed your soul together with the lovely sound of bird songs. 

2. Fishpond

A fishpond with a fountain feature will reinvent the whole look of your garden. It will help you create a small oasis right there in your yard. You can fill up the pond with koi fish that are visually stunning and will bring a lot to your decor.

Fishponds with a fountain feature are a kids favorite, and if you’re looking to impress your kids, now’s the chance.

3. Waterfall

Without looking any further, a waterfall in your garden is the ultimate water feature that will reinvent your whole backyard.

A waterfall has some of the best sounds that will create an illusion of being in a rainforest. There you can relax your mind by listening to Mother Nature. If you’re looking for something that will impress anyone coming to visit you, a waterfall is perfect for you.

4. Water Screen

If you have some extra money to spare, you can go out and get a water screen as one of the modern fountains that will recreate the sounds of rainfall. 

The water screen pours the water from the top into a small pond decorated, as you like. You can use this fountain for freshening up yourself on hot summer days. You can see these in many high-class villas.

5. Pond in a Pot

If you’re looking for something more discrete and cheap, try out a pond in a pot. As one of the smallest fountains on this list, a pond in a pot is perfect for small gardens or even home interiors. 

They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Choosing one should be an easy choice as they’re all visually perfect for any garden you put them in. If you need a budget-friendly fountain in your garden, don’t hesitate to get one for yourself. 

6. Wall Fountain

Wall water fountains can make your home feel more welcoming and luxurious. The best thing is, it is very easy to install!

People love this choice and often decide on getting one for its functionality and a decent price tag that can fit even a tight budget. 

You can choose many modern or antique designs of these fountains that will be a perfect highlight of your garden. Another great thing about this fountain is that birds will love it, and your backyard will be full of life and natural sounds. Expert professionals in Eagle Creek Nursery & Landscape can also make a great facelift to your backyard.

7. Creek

A small creek through your yard will change its landscape and create an illusion of living remotely in a forest. 

A creek with a small fountain at the start will light up your garden and make you, at least in your mind, far away from the city noises. 

If you’re looking for the most-natural looking fountain, then this is a perfect choice for you. 

8. Japanese Fountains

If you love the whole concept of Japanese culture, you can implement the idea into your garden by buying a fountain in this style.

These eye-catching fountains will turn the heads of anyone passing by and having a look into your garden. 

Japanese style perfectly fits any landscape and outdoors. They will be a valuable asset for your decoration.

9. Cascading Fountains

Cascading fountains are the most popular ones on our list, and many gardens already have one installed.

Water flowing from one reservoir to another gives some of the best natural sounds of running water the money can buy. 

You can find these fountains in your neighbor’s backyard, as it’s one of the most common types that people will choose without hesitation.

10. LED Fountains

If you’re looking to impress anyone with the most modern design of your new fountain, then you should get the LED type that will light up during the night.

These fountains are now a popular choice for younger generations that love to see everything covered in ambient lighting. 

You can choose the types with only one color of the light or those that change after some time.


When decorating your garden, a fountain will be a real highlight that will feed your mind and soul.

What type of fountain will you go for from our list? 

We hope that your choice will be a lot easier after reading our thoughts.

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