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The freedom to travel and stop wherever we want to spend the night, eat, take a dip is one of the best things about traveling in an RV. But this freedom has its constraints. An RV even if it is bought second-hand, represents an investment of several tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the costs related to its maintenance, storage, etc. Analyze your needs before choosing to buy or lease an RV. In fact, most of the time, rather than buying a vehicle that will not be used very often, it is more prudent to rent an RV. Here’s why.

1. It costs less

Statistics show that over 40 million Americans regularly go RVing, with over 25 million RVing a year. In that case, most people do not buy an RV as they only go RVing once or twice in their life. Leasing is often a better idea, financially speaking, than buying a new vehicle. But one of the first questions to answer when deciding whether to buy or rent an RV is: how long will you be using it each year? If you want to find out if RV life is for you, there are affordable travel trailers out there that also come with great features. Mini camper trailers cost less but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have less fun and less value. Check out https://camperguide.org/best-mini-camper-trailers/ for the list of mini trailers that fit your budget.

2. You don’t need an year-round vehicle

For you, if an RV vacation happens once or twice a year, at fixed times, opt for rental. The advantage of owning your own vehicle is that you can leave whenever you want. But, most of the time you will have to plan your vacation, carefully decide where to go and what route to take and then book an RV. It is much simpler. 

3. You won’t know where to park it

Having an RV near you is good, it allows you to leave whenever you want. But you still need to have a place to park it. RVs, when not in use, especially in winter, need to be protected from the cold, rain, sun, etc. However, building a hard shelter large enough to accommodate an RV, buying a tarp, or even renting a garage, are expensive solutions. Renting an RV avoids these costs.

4. You avoid daily maintenance

Even more than a car, an RV requires regular maintenance such as oil change, leak test, technical inspection, cleaning. Often simple actions, of course, but imperative to keep your RV in good condition. During the winter period, you will have to purge your clean water, disconnect your batteries, etc. These are all operations you will not have to worry about if you rent an RV

5. You Get To Drive The Newest RV Models

Another advantage of renting is being able to drive recent models. They have the maximum comfort on board, options etc. If you rent from professional RV rentals, it is also guaranteed that you are renting regularly serviced vehicles which ensures that you spend your holidays without mechanical or technical problems.

6. Administratively, it’s less complicated

As with any vehicle, the RV must be insured and attest to a recent technical inspection. And all of this obviously comes at a cost. If you are an owner and plan on renting your vehicle to other people, you will need to promote it on specialized sites, manage relationships with potential tenants, and take care of other little things. Things that you won’t have to worry about if you rent an RV.

7. To travel far

In an RV you have the freedom to travel and stop wherever you want, whenever you want. This is true in Europe and the Maghreb. But it is more complicated to go and discover the American West, Canada or South America without an RV. These destinations (among others) are however well suited to travel in an RV. Especially since the arrival of auxiliary applications now facilitates the organization of trips and breaks. However, if you don’t have an RV, you will first have to cross the seas, for several days, for a price that is not always attractive. For distant destinations, it seems obvious to rent an RV.  Be sure to check out options like tacoma rv dealers as well.

8. This allows you to test before buying

Do you want to buy an RV but are not sure of your choice? Forget the catalogs of RV manufacturers. Renting can be the way to test this type of vacation before taking the plunge. By renting an RV for one to two weeks, you will have a very good overview of the advantages and disadvantages of an RV stay. Some Utah RV dealers also include a few days of rental so that future buyers can determine the model that suits them best.

In the same way, you can also determine the type of layout that suits you. Rather a nasturtium, a low profile or an integral? The kitchen near the door or with your back to the door? The swivel seats or the independent living room? A suspended or fixed bed at the back? By renting, you will get a chance to test many amenities.

9. You want to adapt the choice of vehicle to your wishes, your family

This year, it’s decided, you are going to the mountains in an RV. Next year, it will be a cycling theme. The following year, you would be fine skiing, still in an RV. Another advantage of renting is that depending on your vacation, you will be able to determine which RV is right for you. Do you need a very good heater, several bike carriers, a less fuel-efficient vehicle, that has more range? The range of vehicles at your disposal is wide, take your pick.

The advantage of renting is also to opt for a vehicle suitable for your family. Today you are two adults and two small children. Tomorrow, your children will have grown. Maybe the family has grown as well. What if you took your mother-in-law? Will the interior configuration of your RV still allow you to welcome all these people in the best conditions? Not sure. The advantage of renting is to adapt to the configuration of your family at a specific time.

10. Get advice from regulars by renting

If you are thinking of buying an RV, renting a rental first, in addition to getting to know several vehicle models, will allow you to trade with other owners. However, you should obtain valuable advice before a possible purchase.  

If you need more tips/advice regarding buying/renting RVs, the best places to visit in an RV, or what are the necessary items you should have during an RV trip, visit thewanderingrv.com to get all your questions answered

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