12 Interesting Things About Dubai


For those people who still do not know that Dubai isn’t only a luxury capital. This is also the most beautiful city in the world with many interesting things you can see only here. It’s understandable why tourists come to visit Dubai from different places in our world. They want to see this beauty and make stunning photos and videos to have wonderful memories.

In Dubai, you can find luxury almost everywhere. It creates unbelievable and even absurd things. Some of them are gathered in our article. If you have never visited Dubai, we recommend traveling there. And if you have been there, come and visit again! We promise you will never feel tired of this amazing city!

  1. Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE with a lot of rich people, celebrities, businessmen, and other famous people from the whole world. You can meet many rich and famous people in Dubai – they live there because they prefer a luxurious life, and this city can give them this wonderful life.
  2. The streets in Dubai look amazing! There are many skyscrapers and impressive buildings. Go for a walk in the morning and enjoy excellent sunny weather. Go for a walk in the evening and enjoy colorful lights everywhere!
  3. You should visit the Burj Khalifa – the highest building in Dubai and see the view from there. We wouldn’t describe how beautiful it is because it’s just indescribable. So, just go and see. Do not forget to take a good camera to take amazing pictures!
  4. In Dubai, you can see many huge things, including automobiles. There are many luxurious, unusual, and just amazing cars around. If you want to rent a car, Dubai is the best place to find a great vehicle to drive and see the city around. Make sure you have read the rules for drivers in Dubai before you went on the exciting trip.
  5. As you know, the UAE consists of many islands. What to do if someone wants to transport their car from one island to another? Everything is simple – it’s possible to use a helicopter to fulfill this task! Of course, only if you have a lot of money because it’s not a cheap service.
  6. Take a look at the Police in Dubai. Policemen are constantly checking up on the city using luxury sports cars. This is another interesting thing to see in Dubai.
  7. Do you need to buy some gold? Everything is easy! In Dubai, you can use a gold ATM to buy high-qualified gold. It’s easy to get some money from this machine, as we all used to do in other countries.
  8. Gold and luxury are everywhere in Dubai. You can see many amazing cars in gold color. People like to demonstrate their richness by getting luxury cars and other things.
  9. It’s possible to see a tiger or a leopard on the street. These are just pets of rich people. They are synonyms of luxury and the rich life of owners.
  10. Dubai is a city of cultural dissonances. Here, people have a lot of freedom, but women there mustn’t show their bodies. They wear black long clothes even if it’s extremely hot outside. Nobody else except their husbands should see them!
  11. In Dubai, you can find automatic machines with beverages and foods for free. These machines are made for those people who don’t have any money. Anyone can come and take something without payment.
  12. Even dishes in luxury restaurants are decorated with some gold. Amazing desserts from Dubai are so tasty and they look so beautiful!


If you like exotic, luxurious life and you have enough money – plan a trip to Dubai to see this amazing city and feel the atmosphere of a wonderful place, filled with harmony and some unusual things.

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