2 Famous Durian Cake Recipes For Christmas


Yay! The festive season is almost here. And it makes sense that you’re putting all preparations for your family’s Christmas traditions in place already. From choosing the best Christmas tree to picking cookies and cakes recipes. There’s just so many on your to-do list. To give you a hand in the little way I can so things can be a bit easy on you, I have shared 2 famous durian cake recipes for Christmas down below. Meanwhile, you may want to check out this famous durian log cake for Christmas as well.

Recipe 1; Durian Chiffon Cake

This here is the golden recipe for a soft and fluffy durian-flavored cake to meet your guests with first. With a delicate combination of the richness of the durian fruit and the lightness of chiffon, this cake crumbles like a sandcastle in the mouth effortlessly. What makes it unique? The durian chiffon cake doesn’t make use of butter but vegetable oil instead. Yes, you read that right. See the complete recipe and instructions below.


  • Milk; 70ml

  • Blended durian flesh; 120gram

  • Lemon juice; 1tps

  • Sugar; 80gram

  • Plain flour; 120gram

  • Corn oil; 150gram

  • Caster sugar; 40gram

  • Eggs; 5


  • Heat your oven first up to 130degree celsius

  • Peel off the flesh of durian seeds and make durian pastes off of that using a blender

  • Take a clean bowl to mix your caster sugar, milk, and corn oil in it

  • Introduce your durian paste, flour, and egg yolks into the mixture from step 3 above

  • Use a mixer to mix the mixture until a batter is formed

  • Pour the egg white into another bowl and whisk rigorously before adding lemon juice and sugar

  • Introduce a third of the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture

  • Finally, pour the mixture into a chiffon cake mold and place in your oven for 15 minutes before serving

Recipe 2; No Bake Durian Cheese Cake

Cheesecakes are the most common when it comes to durians. Almost anybody can pull off with a perfect durian cheesecake. But this no-bake makes it even easier except that you’ll have to be careful to not end up with a runny mess. Yes, the no-bake means that you won’t be using an oven at all. There’s no heating needed. Just follow the step by step process shared below to get started.


  • Butter; 40gram

  • Cold heavy cream; 80ml

  • Lemon zest; 5gram

  • Biscuits; 100gram

  • Condensed milk; 150gram

  • Lemon juice; ½ tbsp

  • Cream cheese; 220gram

  • Vanilla extract; 1/4tbsp

  • Gelatin powder; 6gram

  • Coldwater; 150gram

  • Durian flesh; 120gram

  • Pinch of salt


  • Put all your biscuits in a bag and crush them into pieces using a rolling pin

  • Melt your butter with a low heat

  • Add the crushed biscuits together with the melted butter together with a pinch of salt before mixing well

  • Use the mixture from the last step above to line the inside of a round cake pan before chilling in the fridge

  • Take a bowl to mix the durian flesh together with the cream cheese, condensed milk, lemon zest, lemon juice, and vanilla extract using a stand mixer

  • Take your cold heavy cream and mix it rigorously until stiff peaks form before adding it to the main bowl to form your home-made durian cream cheese layer

  • Mix your micro-waved gelatin powder with a spoonful of cream cheese filling before pouring into the main bowl

  • Take your biscuit mix from the fridge and pour your cream cheese layer to it before freezing for the next four hours

  • serve!

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