2021 – The Year The Hamptons Came Back To Life


Few New York areas are quite as well-known or iconic as The Hamptons, yet, for many years, the seaside communities had been reducing in size. The Southampton Press reported reducing population growth rates, with some areas, like East Hampton Town, slowing to just 0.3%. However, this has reversed entirely in 2021 as newcomers flock to the area. Crucially, it’s not just been a return for well-heeled homeowners; instead, the new influx of residents to the classic New York escape has been a lot more balanced, and diverse, than in the past.

Going strong

There are still luxury properties throughout the Hamptons, and these have been snapped up with regularity. One of the benefits of living in the Hamptons is that, for affluent residents, amenities and maintenance such as maid services are widely available given the history of the area; this remains the case, and as a result, luxury housing has continued to grow as a share of the housing market. However, as the New York Times highlights, there have also been a high rate of rentals in the Hamptons – and not just temporary, AirBnB-style accommodation. Due to the influx of new residents into newly affordable property in the Hamptons, the makeup of the area is changing – perhaps permanently.

Increasing diversity

The Hamptons have not always been a great example of diversity. Indeed, black residents have continued to leave the area over the past decade. However, as The Real Deal highlights, there has been a much higher influx of Hispanic residents into the area, and a lot of younger people, too. The area is becoming more diverse, more vibrant, and has a renewed sense of life around it. The Hamptons has long been a place for affluent residents to rest outside of busy lives in NYC; now, it’s something a little younger, with its own vibe, and, increasingly, its own lifestyle and nightlife.

Hampton lifestyles

There’s a bit of everything in the Hamptons these days. New York Lifestyle Magazines highlights how Southampton and Bridgehampton can give the classic, country club life that the Hamptons imparts. Lazy shopping days, lounging in country clubs and bars, boating on the lakes and the shore; these are the classic pastimes of Hamptons natives and they’re still going strong. However, in Montauk, Amagansett and Springs, there’s a vibrancy springing up in the seasoned nightlife sector that includes the new arrivals in the region. That will lead to something more appealing to the younger generations moving out of NYC and into the suburbs, and bring a new vibe to the entire Hamptons area.

The Hamptons remain affluent. The classic lifestyle of living out on the shores is still there,  yet, with demographics shifting and a more affordable route available to would-be Hamptons residents, change is on the horizon. A more vibrant nightlife is growing within the suburbs, and that makes the Hamptons a place for everyone – both the old-school social elite and newcomers alike.


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