4 Best Things About Extended Reality

Today we’re here to talk about something that is called extended reality. Now few of you might already know what we’re talking about but for many of you it is a new term. We will try to make it more simple for you. How many of you are marvel fans? Or how many of you know Iron Man? We are pretty sure most of you are well aware of it.

To make extended reality simpler for you, the technology that Tony Stark uses where he operates things in air is nothing but extended reality. The way we watched Iron Man create his virtual replica or the way he operated things is the best example of extended reality.

Now for the ones who still didn’t understand with this Iron Man reference, extended reality is something that will make you feel like something is there where in reality it is not. More like a simulation. Most of you may know what simulation is. It is nothing but to experience something virtually which does not exist around you.

We will today tell you 4 best things about extended reality. The application of this technology is wider than you think. This technology is futuristic and gets better and better. Let’s go step by step.

First Let Us Understand What Extended Reality Is

Extended reality is a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. It is something that will take you to an imaginary environment which will make you forget that it is not real. Extended reality is basically a doorway from our world to the digital world. You can explore things that you never imagined could be possible. Let’s now find out what are the advantages or you may say the applications of this new technology.

Learning Gets Easier

With extended reality the boundaries of learning are so easily erased. There are numerous things in this universe that are hard to understand and harder to explain. However, with extended reality all these hard to explain and understand factors vanish away. Many industries are adopting this technology for better understanding.

When we talk about a field like medicine, there are so many complications. Knowing and understanding a human body is definitely not a cup of tea. With extended reality understanding the functions of parts like the veins and arteries gets easier. Not just medical, but you can also see extended reality in construction and more such fields.

Training Can Be Carried Out Safely

Talking about fields like aviation and the military, the training procedures are clearly dangerous. When we teach someone how to drive, we’re on the road and if something goes wrong it can be fixed. Now think about training someone to become a pilot or training someone for defence, in these cases zero risk can be afforded.

However, extended reality has wide application in these fields. Boeing and the US military already use this technology for training purposes. There is zero danger and full safety is assured.

Connects People

If you are running a business and your partners are miles away, or in conditions like we’re in now where we can’t meet people, extended reality comes to the rescue. You can attend meetings and conferences without even realizing that the people are not around.

Even for the businesses which can’t render physical experience of their product to the customer, extended reality is the solution. Customers can easily have a look at the products and get the best option.

Not only for businesses, but also for everyone in general. One can attend a concert which they can’t go to or witness a sports event in the same manner. One will have the same experience as if you were really present.

Unmatching Experience

By far you must have realized the magic of extended reality. When you use this technology you will experience things that you have never before. You can visit places which you have never been to, go back in time right where everything began, jump to space or even hop in some movie or a video game. The possibilities with extended reality are limitless. You can experience things as far as your imagination can go. One can have an unmatching experience with extended reality which is hard to explain. Experience it and you will know it all.