4 Packing Tips to Avoid Breakages When You’re Moving House


It would be devastating to move house and find that when you came to unpack your belongings, some of them were smashed or broken beyond repair. If they were expensive items, you’ll have to spend money on replacing them. If they held high emotional value, they’ll be irreplaceable, and you’ll always associate your new home with losing something important. In either case, when you’re already tired and have been through the stress of moving, the last thing you want is to have to deal with broken things. This is why it’s important to understand how to pack for the most positive outcome. Read on to find out more.

Hire Professionals

Of course, the very best way to pack your items properly so that nothing gets broken is to hire professionals to do it for you. Many removal companies will offer this service at an additional cost, and if your budget can afford it, it’s well worth booking this service.

Professional movers will know precisely how to pack fragile objects to keep them safe. Not only will they pack your boxes well, but they’ll also know how to stack those boxes in their van to prevent accidents. Plus, your furniture will be moved without incident as well.

Store Items Safely

If you are moving yourself or you don’t want to pay the extra cost of a packing service, but you’re still worried about your things being broken during your move, another good idea is to hire a storage unit, like those at StorageArea.com. In this way, you can keep your precious belongings safe until the move is over and go and collect them when you are ready for them.

You might even want to keep the storage unit once you have collected your items because it can be a highly useful place to keep anything you no longer have room for in the house but don’t want to throw out, for example.

Use the Right Packing Materials

You might think any kind of packing material is fine and that it won’t make any difference when it comes to your belongings and keeping them safe, but this is not entirely true. If the boxes you choose are flimsy, they might fall apart, and your possessions could be broken or damaged. If you don’t use bubble wrap or newspaper, can you be sure that your items will remain unscathed?

The problem is that good packing materials can be expensive. The best thing to do is to ask around locally and on social media to see if anyone is about to get rid of moving boxes and other materials. You can take them off their hands, and that will help them and you.

Don’t Overpack

It’s not a good idea to try to cram as much into each box as you can because even the strongest of boxes can only hold so much weight. If you overdo it, it could come apart. Plus, trying to lift a heavy box is difficult, and not only could you drop it and break the things inside, but you could injure your back in the process.

It’s best to use more boxes and pack less inside each one. Although this will mean more trips to and from the van and the house, there will be far fewer breakages.

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