4 Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Poker


Poker is a game loved all around the world. It doesn’t matter if you go to a casino in USA, United Kingdom or any major European city, cardrooms are full of poker players. But what is it about this card game that captures the interest of New Yorkers in particular? We attempt to answer that in this article by giving you four reasons. Moreover, check out the most trusted provider of flooring Santa Clarita in this post.

Make “Easy” Money

Everybody loves the idea of making money without having to work for it. There seems to be a common thought among men around the world that poker is a way to make “easy” money. Sadly, this isn’t the case as poker is a competitive arena where only a small percentage win. However, that doesn’t stop countless adults think they can be the next WSOP champion or earn a decent part-time income from poker. They read a GG poker review then give poker a try without doing due diligence. With New York one of the most expensive places to live in the world, it’s no surprise people turn to side hustles like poker to try and earn more money to cover their lifestyles.

Intellectual Challenge

As fun as earning money from poker is, there is another more complex aspect that people love. Men love problem solving and understanding how things work. Poker is arguably the most complex of gambling games as it combines several skillsets; maths, psychology, patience, aggression and discipline.

We suspect this intellectual challenge is partly why poker is so popular around the world and captures interest from people from all backgrounds who live in New York. Some of the most successful poker players have game theory backgrounds which proves that intelligent individuals are interested in the mental side of poker too.


There’s nothing like winning is there, especially against other people. Whilst people enjoy beating “the house” or a computer, playing against other people is more satisfying. Competition and winning is a healthy thing to enjoy and probably why men love poker. This is especially true for tournaments where it’s literally the last man standing that wins first prize. The financial reward and egotistical boost it gives people is certainly a reason why people love poker as it makes winning so much sweeter.

The Social Side

Lastly, poker is an incredibly social game, especially when its played live. Visit a cardroom and you’ll notice how loud and vociferous the players are. People are constantly indulging in table chit chat, talking about their favourite teams, mocking each other and even discussing politics. This social aspect is a big reason poker is loved around the world.

For senior citizens, poker on a Saturday might be their social outing for the week, particularly if they live in retirement communities. Winning or losing is almost irrelevant as they enjoy having table banter with the other players. In fact, some players view the loss as their cost for having a good night out. After all, how much could one spend on a night out drinking? Yet they are probably going to have a less pleasurable night than playing poker in good company.


As you can see, there are plenty of reason men love poker. We narrowed it down to making money, intellectual challenge, enjoying competition and the social side of poker. Now you know the main reasons people love poker will you give it a try too?

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