4 Top Reasons to Rent a Furnished Studio Apartment in New York


Moving to New York City is challenging, exhilarating, and unlike moving anywhere else. The competition and price points are high, and the quality of housing ranges dramatically from one area to the next.

Renting a studio apartment is an ideal solution for individuals and couples who don’t want to deal with roommates and only need a place to hang their hats at the end of the day. Opting for a fully furnished studio apartment is even better.

Here are the top four reasons to rent a furnished studio apartment in New York.

Simplify the Moving Process

New York is an elevator city. While walking up a couple of flights of stairs isn’t unreasonable, there are plenty of apartments that become mostly inaccessible if the elevator is out of order. Unfortunately, moving heavy furniture in an elevator isn’t always an option.

If you recall the iconic “PIVOT!” scene in Friends, then you already know why investing in a furnished apartment in New York is well worth it: you won’t have to navigate the challenges of moving furniture or coordinating reliable, costly movers to do it for you. Keep in mind that what goes up must come down: if you’re moving your things in, eventually, you’ll have to move them out.

More Transitional for Short-Term Stays

New York is a transitional city for many people. You may be moving to the Big Apple to see if you can make it work or staying for a longer short-term duration to work on a business project. For example, many consultants and project managers stay in corporate housing in NYC rather than a hotel for the month or two it takes to complete a project. This option also creates flexibility should their presence be required for longer.

Whether you know that your first New York apartment is short-term or your future is one big question mark, renting a fully furnished apartment is better for transitional periods. By choosing this option, you cut back on the stress and expenses associated with moving and creating a temporary home.

Simplifies Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are a nightmare to coordinate, even before you consider the nuances of driving and stairwells in NYC. While it’s natural to have some items of sentimental value in your home, it’s unlikely that your sofa or bedframe carries much emotional weight. They do, however, carry a lot of gravitational weight.

Opting for a fully furnished studio apartment not only means that you won’t have to deal with the challenges of a long-distance move, but you’ll also have less space to furnish. This is an affordable option for those moving to New York from far away.

Creates a Designer-Staged Space

Finally, fully furnished apartments are often professionally coordinated and staged by skilled interior designers who know what they’re doing. Opting for a furnished apartment ensures your new home has a cohesive, thematic look that works with your new space. For those who lack the eye for design or the time to consider it, being able to walk into a room that’s already coordinated is a breath of fresh air.

For these reasons and many others, you should consider a fully furnished studio apartment when moving to New York. It will save you time, stress, and money when moving to the Big Apple.


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