4 Ways To Add Instant Curb Appeal To Any Property


Whether you own your own home or a commercial property, your curb appeal is important. You may be a homeowner looking to sell your home or a business owner that wants to tempt new customers through the door. Either way, how your property looks from the outside can cost you money or add to your profits.

Here is a quick guide on how to add to your property’s curb appeal, whether you are a homeowner about to put your property on the market or a business that wants to increase sales.

Upgrade of Resurface Driveways Or Parking Lots

Whether you own a commercial property or your own home, repairing or resurfacing the asphalt on your parking lots or driveways can revitalize the look of your property.

The appearance of the asphalt that surrounds a property can help form the first impression of the business or family that resides there. You want people to feel welcomed by the exterior of your property and not put off by cracked paving and potholed asphalt.

Enterprise Commercial Paving is an asphalt contractor in Houston that uses the latest technology to repair or resurface drives and parking lots to get them looking their best. Their team can quickly turn an old and tired patch of asphalt into an attractive parking spot or pathway.

Landscape Your Gardens Or Yard

With brand new or repaired asphalt laid, the rest of the property’s exterior needs a revamp if it is going to keep up. The appearance of the gardens and yard space that surround a property is just as important to a visitor’s first impressions. If you are planning on selling your home, this is even more crucial.

Homes with yards and gardens are always in demand from house hunters. The extra square feet that surround a property will always have value, but well-maintained and pleasantly landscaped areas help to sell the home as well as increase its price.

This can be an inexpensive renovation that can give you a great return on investment. Most landscaping and yard work can be completed inexpensively by a professional service from a landscaper, or you can roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. If you are selling your home this can be a great activity for the whole family to get ready for the move.

Plan a weekend of yardwork to get your front and back yards ready for their real estate photo shoot. The pictures of your home in an agent’s brochure will help generate interest in your home, so make sure it is looking it’s absolute best.

Paint And Decorate The Exterior Of The Property

A splash of paint can make a huge difference to the look of a property. It can make it stand out from the crowd, which is important if you are trying to sell.

This improvement can be as simple as painting window frames or exterior doors but can also stretch to fully repainting the siding of your home or business. It is an opportunity to add some attractive color to help tempt house buyers to your property, or as a pleasant welcome to visiting family and friends.

Traditional homes require traditional colors. Red and black work great on the front door of a traditional home, and the color can be continued on accents around the home like windowsills and edgings on roofs.

When it comes to the sidings of a home or business, you should choose neutral or muted colors. Your local housing authority or government may have restrictions in place on how, when, and in what color a house or commercial business may be painted. It is best to check this before spending any money or planning any work.

Use Lighting To Increase Curb Appeal Day And Night

How a property is lit at night is more important than many people realize. This is especially true for businesses, as potential customers will pass by through the night but may not be able to see you are there. For homes, late-night lighting can improve security and make your home look more attractive to house hunters and visitors alike.

LED lighting is a great choice for outdoor applications. It is low power, meaning operating lights through the night should not significantly add to energy bills. Some outdoor LED lighting can even be powered by solar energy that is harvested through the day and stored until needed. Motion-activated security lighting is a smart addition to any home or business to help protect people from crime and antisocial behavior in the early evening.

These simple ideas can add value to a property and make it much more attractive to anyone who visits. Whether you are trying to tempt customers through the door, or potential homeowners to property viewings and open houses, making a few of these improvements will add some instant curb appeal.

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