5 Additions to Your Institution That Will Draw Positive Attention


Whether you’re running a school or other type of educational facility, or some type of club that looks to draw people in and appeal to them, you have a lot of competition. You’re going to be beholden to your budget and demographics, but if you have room to experiment and try new things in an effort to increase awareness of your brand – it’s worth knowing what might work.

If you have an educational institution on your hand, what is likely to help the students maximize their potential in a way that’s going to be appealing to them? If it’s something more casual, like a club, it’s less about promising a bright future and more about creating an environment that’s everything visitors want it to be.

1. Tennis Court

Regardless of whether the answer is ultimately education or leisure, adding more options for guests and students can only be a positive. However, it’s also a time when doing something right is the only route ahead – producing a result that isn’t satisfactory might end up looking a lot worse than not including something at all. Therefore, while you might want to include access to many different types of sports, you might be limited by space, money, or other resources – meaning that you have to be selective. That isn’t necessarily a problem, however, and if you can pick one sport to hone in on, you can make your institution the go-to destination among your competitors.

A tennis court might be a worthwhile pick for your choice. Tennis court installation can have you answering some difficult questions about the right way to go about this – what kind of surface you want and how many courts you ultimately need – but the result might end up speaking for itself. However, you might find that it’s not enough to simply have the space where the sport can be played. You also need changing rooms and equipment – everything that players need to complete the experience rather than just play the game. This is important for both safety, hygiene, and comfort – meaning they are applicable regardless of what kind of business you’re running.

2. A Scenic Locale

This is a difficult addition to make because, chances are, you can’t do very much about where you’re already established. If your business is still in a state of relative flux, this is much easier, as you can begin to survey a wide variety of options before actually committing to one. However, once you’re trying to reinvigorate your current situation, this might seem like one case where the ship has sailed. That doesn’t have to be entirely true, though. While you can’t pick up your premises and move them somewhere else, if you have access to a large amount of land, you can maximize the potential of this and turn it into an area that’s impressive and varied.

You might go about this by dividing it up into several different areas – such as greenhouses and gardens – before making sure that those areas are as well attended as possible. With each one serving a different purpose, this can once again add a greater number of options for those who visit your place of business. Gardening can not only help to improve the grounds further, but it’s something that can be mentally beneficial to those participating – meaning that people might want to get involved. Throw in a body of water, such as a pond, and you might start to cultivate a space that feels like a relaxed and natural escape from the kinds of surroundings that they’re used to.

3. Results

This is less of an addition and more of something to work towards, perhaps caused by a shift in priorities. First of all, what kind of results would your business be looking for? If you run an educational facility, the answer is obvious – you want grades to be high and vocational success to be as universal as it can be. This might mean that you have to spend money to improve the quality of teaching or teaching equipment, or perhaps it could be done by making partnerships in the professional world that can lead to vocational links that can provide the opportunities you’re looking for.

What about if you run something like a country club, though? The aim here is for people to arrive and feel relaxed, a place where they can go to engage in the activities that they enjoy and spend time in good company. A successful result in this instance would mean that those who visit keep coming back, and your numbers continue to grow. In order to achieve this, you need to know what you can do better – you need to be able to consistently adapt and improve so that you never dip below expectations. Accidents happen, of course, and it’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll never put a foot out of place, but if you’re focused on this consistent polishing of your edges, you can keep your clientele happy.

4. Customer Service

Admittedly, this is going to be much more applicable for institutions that fall outside of the realm of education, but for places where it does apply, it is an absolute core pillar. When discussing how your place of business can continuously improve and be the most ideal destination possible for all of your visitors and members, this is all communicated through your staff and your customer service. Everything that people are going to want while they’re there is going to be done in this way, and ensuring that the process of delivering service that’s exactly right is going to draw the kind of attention that you’re looking for.

It can be tricky to initially think of exactly how to improve your customer service because of how delicate a balance it can be to strike. For example, while being fast to respond and attentive is important, different people have different ideas of what they want. Sometimes, people might want to order food and have some time to settle down with a drink before it arrives, meaning that serving it up right away could be more to some people’s tastes than others. This is difficult to know without having all of the information required to make such a call, but it gives an example of the kind of details that you need to be able to pick up on from how customers communicate with you in order to deliver this level of service.

5. Safety and Security

This is something that’s expected at most places of business to varying degrees, but when you have students, guests, visitors, or members that are well within your grounds and there for a specific reason, there is an expectation that you have complete control over the environment. With so much space, you have a lot of considerations to make – a lot of areas to protect. This might mean knowing where to deploy the right kind of surveillance and having a security team on hand who can promptly deal with any issues. Sometimes, the issue might not be about people from the outside breaking in but people inside having a disagreement that escalates. This can be difficult because everyone involved might have an equal right to be there. In that case, you need to be adept at diffusing the situation and de-escalating it in a manner that has the majority of people satisfied.

Having an environment that is known for being safe, secure, and protected is something that doesn’t get mentioned too often when done properly – but it’s something people will notice if it slips.

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