5 Birthday Surprise Ideas For Your Loved One


Are you tired of resorting to dinner at a restaurant to celebrate your loved one’s birthday every year? Birthdays are special occasions that are always worth celebrating, so put on your thinking cap and start looking for birthday surprise ideas—and no, surprising someone isn’t that hard.

There are countless birthday surprise ideas you can try today, and most of these are very easy to pull off and don’t require a lot of money. As long as you’re willing to exert time and effort, your loved one can have the best birthday surprise every single year!

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Here are some birthday surprise ideas that’ll surely make your loved one happy:

1. Have Something Delivered To Their Place Of Work or School

If your loved one’s birthday falls on a workday or school day, have something delivered to their place of work or school as a birthday surprise. This is an excellent idea to make your loved one’s birthday special.

When deciding what to send to your loved one, consider his or her preferences. For example, if your loved one works or attends classes in Brooklyn and loves flowers, you can order from your Brooklyn Florist’s selection and have a bouquet delivered to them. If food makes your loved one happy, order from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered.

You can also make the surprise grander by sending a singing telegram to your loved one. If possible, have the singer dress as your loved one’s favorite movie character to make the gesture more personal.

2. Fly-In A Long-Distance Family Member Or Friend

When looking for birthday surprise ideas for your loved one, a well-thought-of gesture always outweighs any gift. Sure, you can always throw a huge surprise birthday party for your loved one, but this is too common and will probably not make a lasting impression.

For this year’s surprise birthday party, consider sending your loved one’s best friend in college or sibling to your home. Schedule the trip before a weekend or holiday, so your loved one can spend more time with the visitor.

This idea will make your loved one very happy, especially if they’ve never seen that family member or friend for years. Your loved one’s birthday will become the perfect time for them to catch up and bond more with the people dear to them.

3. Plan A Surprise Birthday Trip

Your loved one will likely have some sort of bucket list that contains the places they want to visit in their lifetime. This list will usually include famous tourist attractions in nearby cities or abroad.

Help your loved one tick off some items from their bucket list by planning a surprise birthday trip for them. Make an effort to plan for all the arrangements—from booking the tickets, looking for accommodation, and creating an itinerary for the trip. Inform your loved one that you’re going on a trip just hours before your plane or train leaves to build excitement.

Planning a surprise destination birthday for your loved one will require a lot of work, but everything will surely be worth it. Besides, your loved one is someone worthy to be spoiled, right?

4. Treat Your Loved One To A Pamper Session

Being an adult is challenging as it means having more responsibilities. Your loved one will likely have to juggle their time and energy between work, family, and other personal responsibilities.

If you’re looking for a unique birthday surprise idea, treat your loved one to a pamper session with the best beauty services at home. This will give them that much-needed mind and body relaxation. You can treat your loved one to a full body massage, facials, and even manicure and pedicure.  Another great way to surprise your loved one on their birthday is by organizing a DIY spa day at home, complete with luxurious nail treatments. To add a touch of creativity, you can order nail wraps online, where you’ll find a variety of stylish options to choose from.  You can even give your loved one a make-over by bringing them to a hair salon for a new haircut or hair color!

To make the session more fun, go with your loved one. Use this as an opportunity to catch up and just spend time with them.

5. Prepare Breakfast In Bed

Your loved one will likely have a preference on what they want to eat for breakfast. It may be, pizza, pasta, waffles, pancakes, bacon, or all of the above. For their birthday this year, exert effort to cook your loved one’s favorite breakfast meal and serve it to them in bed. Add a personal touch to the meal by including flowers or a simple birthday card.

Preparing breakfast in bed is a unique birthday surprise idea that will keep your loved one smiling throughout the entire day. This is also a great option if the two of you live a hectic lifestyle and only have mornings to catch up.

Think About Your Loves One’s Preferences

When deciding which surprise birthday idea to follow, think about what your loved one likes. Is your loved one adventurous and spontaneous? Or do they prefer spending more time at home? What gifts or foods do they like or dislike?

You know your loved one better than anyone else, so use that information to plan the best birthday surprise for them. As long as it’s done with love, your loved one will surely appreciate whatever you’ll do for their birthday!


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