5 Fishes that are not for Beginners


Have you ever been in a situation where you want to also have the same fish you saw from an aquarium? You probably saw a beautiful or exotic fish that really caught your interest. However, not all fishes can be kept by a beginner due to their difficulty to handle and take care of.

Taking care of a fish does not only provide it a fish tank, but rather provides the necessary conditions for it to survive. As a beginner in this hobby, you are probably confused about the fish you will be keeping as a starter one. This website will provide the necessary information you must know in taking care of your fish and aquarium.

So, without any further ado, let us now start enumerating the fishes that are not for you as a beginner level hobbyist.

1. Piranhas

I know, piranhas are infamous for their carnivorous activity towards other living things. However, many people are mesmerized by this fish since the reputation it has makes the owner as a cool and veteran one. However, as a beginner, it is necessary to know whether piranhas are legal and allowed in your country as in some cases they are prohibited by the law.

If it is not illegal in your place, then another circumstance is that it requires high-level maintenance and care for it to survive in your aquarium. These fishes require various conditions from the space, oxygen, temperature of the water, etc.

2. Pleco Fish

If you ever saw a catfish, then you probably also saw a pleco. Pleco Fish is an armored catfish and is peaceful when kept in waters. They are called armored catfish because of their bony plates that cover their body. These fishes are classified as non-beginner species due to their high level of maintenance and care that they need.

As beginners, they still don’t have the necessary knowledge for these species to thrive healthy and happy in aquariums as timid fishes like a Pleco are moderate-hard level fish.

3. Silver Arowana

Silver Arowana or Asian Arowana is a beautiful fish that is mostly kept by professional hobbyists. It is because it can be aggressive to other fishes included in your fish tank and is carnivorous that it can eat small fishes you are also taking care of.

The factors that made this fish as a non-beginner friendly one is due to its size and behavior. They can grow up to 3 feet in length and require at least 250 gallons of water to be able to accomodate this fish. Aside from that, as they are aggressive and active swimmers, they need a tank that is large enough for them.

4. Freshwater Angelfish

Many people are mistaken by the name of this fish. Despite having an “Angel” in their name, they are not so angelic in nature. Many specialists said that keeping only one of their species in your fish tank is a bad idea, and keeping a bunch of them may lead to a bloodshed as they can be aggressive to one another.

They are semi-aggressive fishes. But that does not define that they are good to be kept as they are not that aggressive compared to sharks. They can devour small fishes in your aquarium and can cause problems if you keep them in a community aquarium.

5. Goldfish

I am sure that you are surprised to see the all-time favorite fish, the Common and Fancy Goldfish. Yes! You read it right, they are not suitable for beginners. Probably you saw them in advertisements and pet stores as a common fish pet, but they require proper care and maintenance to be healthy.

They consume a lot of oxygen, thus a fish bowl is not enough for these fishes as the oxygen is limited and may lead to their death. They produce a lot of waste and cannot live by themselves. The size of the aquarium does not matter, but the quality of the water and presence of elements is necessary for it to thrive.


There are fishes that are beautiful and impressive to take care of. However, not all of them can be taken care of by a beginner. There are a lot of misconceptions about some fishes and that can lead to a poor management of their health. It is important to do research about what you will be keeping to properly know the necessities you must have before taking them as a pet.

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