5 Home Services Marketing Ideas That Will Aid You in Getting New Customers


Competition for home services providers may be intense. Many companies are trying to figure out how to stand out among others. Furthermore, because the way people think about and look for home repair and renovation services has evolved over the past decade, home services organizations must understand how to appeal to modern customers. That means there are a lot of different elements (and marketing platforms) to consider when marketing your home services business. There are many ways to draw customers. But in this article, we will discuss five of the most effective ideas in getting new clients.

Investing in local SEO

Consumers are most likely to locate a home services provider through the internet. And while using search engines to find specialists, most people look for local businesses. The use of phrases like “electrician in my area” as a search term is common among web browsers. And anyway, an electrician from six states away isn’t going to help you! So, a continued presence in local search results is significant for home services professionals. It implies that your home services marketing plan must include local search engine optimization, which is an approach that will help you to appear in search results when prospective clients are searching for your services in your region.

Using apt videos

There’s no denying that video marketing gets information through more effectively in less time. Consider the following estimates:

  • Eighty percent of viewers can recall seeing video commercials in the past 30 days.
  • Video viewers can remember 95 percent of the information, but text readers can retain only 10 percent.
  • A video in your marketing campaign may boost click-through rates by 200-300 percent.

These figures show how incorporating video into your home services marketing strategy may help you reach and convert more customers.

Running PPC ads

Paid search advertising, often known as pay-per-click ads (PPC), is another approach to get your home services business reflected on search engines for relevant queries. As a strategy to swiftly grab searchers, PPC advertisements appear at the top of search engine results.

Boost your business with good and genuine reviews

According to a survey, a 70percent of homeowners depend on referrals from family and friends or online reviews. Furthermore, it has been seen that approximately 90 percent of people trust internet reviews. 

To put it another way, once a potential consumer learns about you, you must persuade them that your organization is superior to the competitors. Otherwise, you will not be on their list of people to call. As a home services firm, your work includes more than just attracting new clients; it also entails encouraging existing or former consumers to publicly recommend and post good reviews about you.

A user-friendly website

You must ensure that your webpage is ready to amaze potential customers after you’ve captured their attention and persuaded them to visit it. Because mobile devices account for the majority of today’s searches, having a site that looks amazing and loads quickly on mobile is crucial. You should also see to it that the website is well-organized and that your contact details are prominently displayed. To make it more visible, put your contact information in the header or bottom section of every page so that someone seeking home services assistance in a hurry may find you easily.


Other techniques you can use to draw customers are by 

  • introducing a live chat option on your webpage 
  • responding to customers promptly
  • getting referrals
  • improving your customer service, and many more

So, it depends on how much effort you are putting into drawing your customers through marketing.

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