5 Interior Design Trends You May Follow in 2021


Interior design trends have changed drastically over the years, but the best designs are the ones that sustain in some capacity. Some designs have a timeless appeal, and they keep coming back at regular intervals with some new-age twists.

Urban living has evolved over the ages, and new elements are introduced every day to make life simpler and more efficient. If you are thinking about doing up your dream house this year, you must explore these trends and visit website to know more. Also, glass staircases is one of the best and most interior designing trend you must follow.

1. Flexible Spaces

Flexible spaces are all the rage now. Thanks to worldwide inflation and rising global population, apartments are becoming smaller by the day. The new-age designs are about optimising the available space.

From beds that disappear into the wall to make room for a living space for the day to a kitchen countertop extending to become a workstation in the evening- these elements will make your home functional and stylish at the same time.

2. Sustainability and Greenery

With growing awareness about sustainable living and a genuine interest in reducing carbon footprint, modern design trends are increasingly incorporating plant-based items for home décor.

Be it using rattan or wicker furniture at home or office, or displaying items of home décor made from recycled waste – the idea is novel and noble at the same time. There has been a rise in indoor greenery with a wide range of exotic plants and orchids becoming a staple in many homes and office lounge areas.

3. Earthy Tones

Warm and earthy tones have made a huge comeback. The stark whites and metallic lines of minimalist designs have taken a backseat this year. Instead, bright reds and oranges have made a great impact.

You can opt for bold and textured paint on the walls, or use bold wallpapers in striking colours. The splash of colour adds liveliness and renders a cosy and warm look to space.

4. Vintage-Inspired Designs

While vintage and oriental designs can be hard to maintain, the traditional nouveau designs blend modernity with old-world charm. The designs are elegant, without being bulky.

Curved lines, plush cushions, and warm colours complete the look. The trend is mostly seen in furniture, inspired by the timeless neo-classical pieces seen in vintage paintings of the early 17th and 18th centuries.

5. Smart Technology

Smart technology is here to stay. Alexa and Siri are now a part of your life, and there is no denying the fact that smart technology has made your life easier. From automated heating systems to the lights in your study, from switching on the computer to making your coffee, smart technology encompasses our daily life.

Modern design elements are taking this factor into account when it comes to interiors so that your life becomes smooth and easy, and your space trendy and functional at the same time.

Your home is an extension of your lifestyle and personality. It should reflect who you are. It should be a welcoming space and yet should match your sensibilities. Visit the website to know more about these fantastic interior design trends of 2021 that will help you create your dream home.

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