5 Reasons To Hire A Domestic Violence Lawyer In New York


In the state of New York, both criminal and family courts hold parallel jurisdiction over family offenses like assault, stalking, and sexual assault. This suggests that charges may be filed in either court and in some cases both as civil charges can be imposed in family court while criminal charges can be pursued in front of a criminal court.

As you can see, if you’re facing domestic violence charges in the state of New York, things can quickly get complicated and challenging. And if you wonder what to do next, hiring a highly skilled and experienced NYC domestic violence lawyer should be on the top of your list.

Please keep reading to find out the top five reasons you should hire this type of legal representation.

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Domestic Violence Is A Serious Criminal Charge

As in all states in the U.S., domestic violence is a serious criminal charge in the State of New York. This especially comes into effect if you’re convicted of the crime.

The slightest sentence you may suffer is a considerable fine, and we may agree that no one wants to find themselves in that situation. This is one of the most significant reasons why hiring an experienced domestic assault crime lawyer is so important.

Along with hefty fines, if you’re found guilty, you may face jail time as well, lose your right to possess firearms, and in some situations, have a permanent record.

You Will Need A Lawyer To Dispute The Prosecution’s Argument

As a rule, the person who’s accusing you of domestic violence will have a lawyer right by their side to prove the case. Consequently, you’ll need to have one by your side as well.

Without a lawyer, what you’re doing is that you’re essentially letting the prosecution win the case. If you fail to hire a lawyer who can request a reduction of the charges or complete dismissal, it means that you may be punished to the full extent of the law.

Since domestic violence lawyers perfectly know the law and are hired to protect the rights of their clients, make sure to hire a lawyer so that you won’t suffer unwanted consequences.

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Hiring A Lawyer Will Save You From Stress And Unnecessary Hassle

It takes a lot of time to prepare and be ready to go to court, and no one should do the preparation stage on their own, which is another top reason you should hire a skilled domestic violence lawyer to handle all phases of the case. With their help, you can feel optimistic they will gather the proper evidence and information to help build a defense for your case. This way, you won’t need to handle the usually tedious processes on your own.

The lawyer will examine the case, read and evaluate all related documents, and help you better understand the charges. They may also work together with the prosecutor to work out a deal, which means that the case won’t have to go to court, saving you from additional stress and hassle.

Experienced Lawyers Have Dealt With Cases Similar To Yours Before

Not all lawyers are the same, as while all lawyers have passed law school and the state bar exam to practice in the jurisdiction, different lawyers have different specialties.

A highly qualified and experienced domestic violence lawyer has explicitly dealt with cases that are probably similar to yours.

They have the needed experience in handling such cases, and they know what they need to do to provide you, as their client, with the best outcome for your individual case.

They Can Definitely Save You Some Money

Even though it’s counterintuitive to believe a more expensive domestic violence lawyer can save you money, history has shown that spending the additional dollar to hire a distinguished lawyer for your case is almost always worth it. The lawyer can help you receive the best possible sentencing for your case, which could lead to you keeping your job or stop from losing the professional license you may hold.

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Think about it this way: how many years or months of income would you lose if you’re granted a harsh penalty from the judge that includes jail time? Even without being found guilty, missing work for an extended trial may cause a financial strain that could be avoided with the help of a lawyer.

Final Thoughts

Above, you can find the top five reasons that justify the need for a domestic violence lawyer in New York. If you ever need one, make sure to find the best available lawyer for the job and have the legal representation you need to help you win the case.

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