5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Biltong Diet


Health-conscious snacks are growing in popularity, and meat snacks are ruling this segment recently. Dried meat strip dishes are a handy option to grab before school or work! So today, biltongs come cured and cut into stripes with the package you merely need. Sliced biltong can go well with classic recipes and is the best for anyone on keto.

Biltong is often mistaken for jerky, but they aren’t the same. Jerky is roasted meat, but biltongs are just cured and aren’t ready to eat snacks. However, one added advantage is that you can store biltongs longer before you heat or cook them.

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What Does Biltong Contain?

Biltongs that originated in Africa is now the most loved meat snack, and they primarily contain meat, usually red meat, that is rich in antioxidants. Other meat options include fish, chicken and pork. Further, the sliced thin pieces of meat are cured and dried by using salt, black pepper and coriander for the flavour. It also holds some amount of vinegar to extend the shelf life. Additionally, sometimes you can get flavoured biltongs with some sauces or spices.

Each ounce of a biltong slice contains around 16g of protein, and it is an apt post-workout snack. Besides, the carb content is negligible in biltongs and is only around 1g. Additionally, it also comprises some vital minerals and vitamins, making it a deliciously healthy snack.

Benefits of Adding Sliced Biltong to Your Diet

Diet recipes can taste bland and leave a terrible palate. Hence, it’s always nice to have something savoury without gaining carbs. Unfortunately, there are limited dishes that can offer you this dual benefit, and sliced biltong is one of them! Here are some perks of taking biltongs:

1. It’s a Protein Powerhouse!

Whether you are on a diet or not, your body is always in need of proteins. A protein-rich diet can keep you relatively active. And, most people stick to having eggs in the morning, noon and night, obsessed with its protein content! Well, surprisingly, each serving of biltong comprises twice the protein of that in eggs.

For those concentrating on building lean muscles, some biltong slices post-workout can be compelling with the results. A 25g serving of biltong enriches your body with half of its daily protein requirement. Isn’t that huge?

2. Free of Chemical Preservatives

The preservable quality of biltongs makes them distinguishable from jerky. But unlike other cured meats, biltongs are free of chemical preservatives or acidifiers.

In most cases, they only contain vinegar as a preserving agent and nothing artificial. The added vinegar also gives an acidic, sour taste which makes it delicious. Also, when mixed with vinegar and salt, the combination minimises the chewy texture, making it better to taste.

3. Low in Fat and Calories

Not all cured meat fall in the less fat segment, but biltong has only around 2g per serve. The year 2020 marked keto as Australia’s favourite diet plan, and that’s the reason why biltong is welcomed popularly by those on diets and fitness freaks going on paleo or keto. And despite being a delicious snack, biltong also comprises low bits of calories, which is only 75 calories per serve.

4. They Come in Slices

Biltong can either be a heavy piece of cured meat or sliced and packed. Moreover, the best part is that the sliced type is popular and readily available. However, if you have to cut cured meat yourself, you need some professional tips and sharp knives to match. Sometimes, you even have to freeze the cured meat to get the slices thin. But when you pick the biltong, it’s all easy!

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