5 Restaurant interior design trends


As you can guess, in the struggle for customers catering places win not only through a delicious menu and quality service, but also in the overall atmosphere of the institution. For cafes and restaurants an essential role is played by the visual component of the place and its interior. We suggest you consider the leading interior design trends in cafes and restaurants of 2022. By applying some of these trends you can create a stylish atmosphere in your own restaurant in order to attract more customers.

1. Eco-style

Caring about nature has remained on the wave of popularity for the past few years and the year 2022 was no exception. Green plants, decorative elements made of wood, energy-saving lighting, stylish minimalism are the details that create the concept of an establishment which is seen to be environmentally conscious. Careful attitude, awareness and reasonable consumption evoke trust and respect. A pleasant atmosphere inside the establishment and natural decor can emphasize an individuality of your place and help to form a positive attitude of customers to the place’s values. Guests of cafes and restaurants are looking for comfort, which is why it is so important to pay attention to comfortable furniture. When selecting restaurant furniture, pay attention to the details and the manufacturer’s approach. For example, Parasol outdoor furniture company provides only high-quality pieces of furniture, so you’ll be truly satisfied.

2. Open kitchen

The recent trend for open kitchens in restaurants has been widely welcomed by the public, since the cooking takes place in front of their eyes, in a way comparable to a theatrical performance. This unusual decor element definitely captures the eyes of customers and makes them mesmerized by the virtuosic skills of the staff. Moreover, an open kitchen helps to visually maximize the space around. The main thing is that your stylistic design of the kitchen area resonated with the interior of the hall, and it is also worth taking care about the installation of good ventilation, which eliminates odors. Also check the trend for restaurant hoods systems to ensure safety.

3. Uniqueness

To be different is always trendy. This is a kind of challenge to society, which speaks of the boldness and bright individuality of the establishment. In order to achieve this effect, you can use such interior concepts as unusual decorative elements made to order in a single copy, bright colors and unique installations. The main point is not to go overboard when adding these elements.

4. Ceiling as a work of art

The decoration of the ceiling may not seem like a crucial design component but an original ceiling can have a significant impact on the space. In cafes and restaurants nowadays, designers frequently utilize suspended ceiling decor. This can include natural plants like moss and hanging orchids as well as lattice panels and various slatted options. The advantage of these designs is that they can be easily positioned and rearranged to change the lighting in the hall.

5. Retro design

Today, the retro design is in high demand for the decoration of various types of establishments, including cafes and restaurants. Furniture with aged velvet upholstery, futuristic couches and armchairs, and rounded-edged tables and chairs are appropriate. The mix of contemporary and vintage furniture is another prevailing trend. Designers more often prefer to mix genuine models from a flea market or yard sale with custom-made chairs and tables in order to create a unique style.  Restaurants have their own needs when it comes to construction and renovation projects, that is why restaurant builders nyc are specialized for their unique construction service.

When creating your own space, the most important thing is to rework all the ideas you like in order to fit the concept of your establishment and add some individuality. Thus, do not be afraid to experiment and change the interior of your establishment only this way, you can create your own unique style.

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