5 Seo tips for beginners

In our Present world, search engines are moving at the speed of light. That is because the amount of data created daily is really much. As a content creator or writer, one of the major ways to boost your content amidst competition is through the use of St George SEO. It would be a plus for anyone who knows hw to take advantage of SEO. Stay on as I take you through top SEO TIPS for beginners and by the way I recommend you to visit website design Santa Cruz learn more!

State your Goals Clearly. Before going fully into your SEO plan it is expedient to understand your goals and objectives clearly. Know your targeted audience, what your content aims at, how much of an impact it would make on the user, how your profit margin would look like. There are some important factors to take note of while doing this:


  • Audience
  • Subscribers by mail
  • Form submissions
  • Contacts/Hotlines

You should note that rankings were not part of the goals listed above. The SEO should be able to take care of that. Would you love having a large crowd of visits to your site with little or no downloads or would you prefer an average number of visits with a substantial amount of downloads. Think about these things!

Knowing your competitors (Their do’s and don’ts)

It is very important to know who your competitors are. You could search just to see those who have top rankings. Check out their contents, designs of their pages and how best they try to catch the attention. Check out for what makes them unique, explore the pros and cons of the site.  Then do a bit of filtration, take out what could work out for you and keep building and working. Visiting https://outreach.solutions/blogger-outreach-service/ would also be a great help in this regard.

Make a good Research on keywords. Making use of SEO depends solely on how much you can research on keywords. It would be unprofessional to use words that are not in any way related to your blog. Search out for keywords. They are important tools to make your content unique. Most content writers fail to follow this process, then go ahead and use just normal words which end up making their blogs look unprofessional.

Learn to fix the right contents into your blog. They go a long way!

Knowing the User’s mind.

It’s not just about using keywords and the likes. You must be able to predict the User’s mind even in creating your content.

If your blog speaks mainly about finance, you should be able to predict and use what suits the user. If it’s about information, you should be able to dispense the right information with clear use of words

Understanding these principles will help you put out the best

Write with Simplicity.Most bloggers tend to go too sophisticated in the use of grammar. This is wrong! You should be able to interact with the users in ways they can understand and also relate. The use of heavy grammatical functions is a turn off.

It is really important to take note of these as a beginner!