5 Things You Should Need To Know About Window Blinds


Window blinds are types of window treatment consisting of many long vertical or horizontal slats made from different forms of hard material. The slats are held together by cords running across the blind slats.

You can rotate the slats into an open position that allows light to enter the room, or you can turn them into a closed position to block out the light. You can also pull up the blinds and stuck them on top of the window to provide an unobstructed outside view.

Before buying the no drill blinds, there are essential things you need to learn;

1. They Come In Different Materials And Colors

You can have blinds that blend in perfectly with your home’s interior décor style. You can choose exactly what you want in terms of color and material. The material or color you choose depends on your location, desired look, and budget.

• Vinyl

These are the cheapest option and come in different styles and colors. Some even resemble real wood. They are perfect for humid areas as they are moisture resistant.

• Aluminium

They are a perfect combination of lightweight and quality. They are more expensive than vinyl and come in different sizes. You can choose the color you want them coated with, and they add a modern finish to the room. They are best for commercial settings.

• Faux wood

They are the right choice if you are worried about your blinds fading, warping, or cracking. They are moisture-resistant, making them perfect for humid areas, and they are easy to clean. You can also choose the color to paint them with.

• Real wood

They are the most expensive option, yet the most stylish and durable. They are suitable for highly humid locations and rooms and you and also choose the color to paint them with.

You can also make your blinds from other materials like fabric, fibre, plastic, or pinoleum.

2. They Come In Different Types

Vertical blinds- The slats are wide and vertically placed, connected to the tracks lying below or above the blinds. They can be adjusted to the window’s width.

Horizontal blinds- Have horizontally place slats and are perfect for tall narrow windows.

Roller blinds- They have one piece of jointed slats, which you can roll up and down.

Roman blinds- They are types of roller blinds with many segments, and you can crimple them to your desired level.

Venetian blinds- Their slats are horizontally placed above each other, connected by a vertical wire or string, which you can use to adjust the blinds.

Pleated blinds- They have interwoven slats, stacking, and the blind’s length can be adjusted.

3. They Can Be Fitted Inside Or Outside

It is possible to have your blinds fitted either on the inside or outside of your window, depending on your preference. Whichever you choose, ensure you know the exact fittings. If you decide to have it inside, note that some amount of light will be seen from the edges.

However, the wall and sill around it can still because and seen, and it gives the house an exacting and sleek look. Also, you should know that roller blinds are better if you have a small room because they take up less space than roman blinds.

Outside blinds, on the other hand, ensures that there is a complete light blockage, and no light is seen on the edges. They also leave the window completely clear after they are pulled up. Having a blind bigger than your window can give the illusion of a big window.

Outside blinds, however, is that they may take up a lot of space or be in the way of the furniture.

4. They Can Be Motorized

Motorized blinds are convenient and comfortable to use because you can operate them from wherever you are. Also, they are the best for windows that are too high to reach. Since they are cordless, they are good for safety, especially in a home with children and pets.

5. Some Are Made For The Conservatory

For people who love spending time in their conservatory during summer, the sun rays may be annoying. Lantern motorized blinds are a perfect solution to having the best time in your conservatory.

They have UV light protection and control the amount of light and heat coming into the conservatory.

To have your blinds properly installed, you need to have a professional by your side. Blind installers Brisbane has the best blind installation services in Brisbane and surrounding areas.


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