5 Tips for Beating the College Application Deadline Crunch

It is always easier said than done. After getting advice on how to complete your college application, everything becomes easy. In most cases, students realize that they have the whole time in the world. You will probably shift your focus because you realize it is not hard to provide information about you and write a few essays. Of course, that is what you have been writing in college, and at this time, you probably have honed your writing skills. Everything is easy. However, do you know that many students like you get to awkward situations even after having a lot of time to complete their college essays? Some miss the precious chances because of late delivery or providing shoddy essays. Before you start drafting your essays, know that you are competing against many applicants, with some having better qualifications than you do. Besides, the selection committee needs learners who demonstrate they can do well in school. Any slight mistake will undoubtedly lock you up. You can be the first applicant to deliver your documents but still fail to get the opportunity if you do not provide engaging essays. So, what will you do to deliver quality pieces and still meet the deadline? This article is for you, we understand the challenges that learners go through, and the pieces of advice here cut across to different needs. Adhering to what we have provided in this article will help you complete your college application without straining.

It is simple. First, you must know why applications get rejected so that as you make yours, you navigate around the issues expertly to increase your selection chances.

  • The applicants do not meet the academic threshold
  • Incomplete application
  • Too many errors in your application forms and essays
  • The school is not a good fit for you
  • Many qualified students than the required number

These are some of the reasons that can make you miss the chance. Apart from the last point, you have control over the other four. In most cases, few students are rejected because the college has attained the maximum number.

How to Stay on Track and Overcome College Application Deadlines

Everything you do will affect your application process. Start with the basics. Ensure you meet the academic threshold before applying to a particular college. This will ensure that you do not waste your time making an application that will not go through. Use your time to make value. Remember, the college admission committee works with a set threshold. Ensures you meet them first. Secondly, ensure your application is complete. Why would you deliver an incomplete application? This only tells the admission committee that you do not take instructions. Also, take time to compose your piece expertly and review it. Do your homework in finding a school that fits you and leave the rest to the selection committee. If you do these things, you will undoubtedly stand a better chance of securing a chance in the college of your choice. So, to beat the college application deadlines, you need to do the following.

1. Make a Plan

Many students claim that time is always limiting. However, this is not true. It all depends on how you use it. Having a good plan will help you achieve much when people are complaining of limited times. Most students start working without a plan and fail because they do not have something to guide them. You can overcome that by creating a schedule. Know your deadline and start working backward. Come up with a list of colleges you are applying to and put them in order by deadlines. Ensure you know what each college demands, including the essay prompts and the word count. It will let you know the amount of work you have and the time required to complete each task. Note a common link in the requirements and modify what you have provided for another school. Writing college essays is hard, and many students struggle to meet the requirements. You will only get it right when you can up with a good plan and adhere to it. Use a calendar to have your internal deadline. If you have to submit your work in three months, ensure you complete everything some weeks before the deadline. Set your deadlines for composing essays, editing, and sending them to avoid any delay.

2. Approach your essay in a process

How you write your essay and answer the prompt speak volumes about your capabilities. Composing an application essay takes more than a Saturday afternoon. You need time to write a good essay because it has to go through multiple stages. First, you must understand what the prompt requires you to deliver. The selection committee requires you to provide a piece that accurately captures their attention and responds to the prompt. You have to write your essay, find support from different individuals and review it to make necessary changes. You may require essay proofreading to ensure you deliver a perfect essay. If you need help from experts, you must schedule it and deliver your piece and allow them time to evaluate your tasks professionally without haste. You will need recommendation letters and other documents. Ensure you compile all certifications required to complete your application.

3. Do your homework for school-specific essays

Apart from your attainments, colleges demand that you complete essays of different nature. In these pieces, you will have to provide precise information to satisfy the admission committee. It is not easy; you will have to do your homework correctly. You may require a visit to the college to learn some facts, consult departments and seek information from the website. Know most of the things about the course you want to take and student’s activities. Gathering factual information will enable you to write particularly about that college. The information you provide will enable the admission committee to know that you are interested in the institution. This takes time. Therefore, you must set aside sufficient time for fact-finding.

4. Consult teachers for recommendation letters

There are documents you will need from someone else. It is wise to consult them earlier to ensure you get them before the deadline. Some students get disappointed because they seek recommendation documents when it is too late. They find instructors are either busy or are not available. Make sure you consult them earlier to plan on how you will get the documents you need. Allow them time to write a perfect piece. If you put them under pressure, you will undoubtedly get a low-quality piece. If you need documents that are not in your power to provide, make sure you give the persons in charge enough time to deliver what you want. This will also have to do with standardized tests. Ensure you have a good plan of ensuring you have them in place on time. Create your deadline to ensure you have everything you need before the actual deadline. This allows you to review everything and correct some mistakes that could otherwise reduce the quality of your work.

5. Seek Help

Do you want to write a winning application? Trust experts to assist you. Have people who have gone ahead of you to assist you in completing your college application. These people know what the admission officers look for and can assist you in achieving them. They understand what each prompt requires and the best format to present your work. Do not struggle alone because experts can assist you. You can also ask the admission department what they expect from learners. Do not write your work blindly when you can secure support to complete your tasks. Use the internet to gather the information you need about college applications. You will only fail to secure a chance in the college of your choice if you do not adhere to guidelines.

Students can get everything they need from professionals around them if they can only ask. Know what you want to achieve and seek support from those around you.


You can achieve anything you want if you are focused. Among the important things that admission officers look for is how you can present yourself. You need to be accurate in your wording and ensure your piece is coherent. You have a chance to shine if you will follow the guidelines to the latter. Plan your time well, make the most of it, and do not procrastinate!