5 tips for those who are going to travel this summer


The pandemic is receding from the news agenda with each passing day. Today, more and more often they begin to talk about a brand-new season of tourists people eager to complete their bucket list ideas. And the world’s tourist centers have already prepared a wide range of services for their visitors, including not just eco-tourism or new tourist routes, but also new types of entertainment, rental companies and so on.

Stay Safe – Rent a Car

Most of the countries in the world where tourism and the tourism industry is developed are actually safe for tourists. However, in hot countries tourists are threatened not only by fraud, but also by sunlight, dry weather and more. That is why it is worth paying attention to the rental companies, which have recently only improved their service. In 2022 in the best rental company, you can take dubai lamborghini rental or any other car and make your vacation even more comfortable. You won’t be in danger of getting sunstroke or being cheated in the car, because you can turn on the air conditioning and anti-theft system. You can also check out Made in Turkey Tours for more great options.

Ecotourism – Local Farms Production

Shark fins, turtle soup, crocodile tail, whale meat, and more. Understandably, some people only get one chance in life to try such a dish. But this is precisely the kind of life experience that should be given up, lest it become one of the reasons for the increased demand (and thus supply) for the cruel killing of endangered animals.

If at all possible, give preference to organic products produced locally where you arrive. In this way you will both help local producers and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, which appear during the transportation of products from other countries. So forget about foreign sodas, candy bars and chips at least for the duration of your trip. And what’s the point of it all, if in the same countries of Southeast Asia, for example, you are surrounded on all sides by sweet and tantalizing exotic fruits?

Financial Competence – Unforeseen Expenses

Be sure to think about minor expenses such as travel, entrance fees, and souvenirs. It is better to know all the prices in advance to be guided. For example, tourist countries of the third world are often completely cheated, simply because they do not understand how much it really costs. Do not let yourself be cheated.

If you are planning an independent trip to Europe, for example, look at the different points of arrival, find the most advantageous. After all, all European cities are well connected: you can get from almost any point A to any point B quickly and cheaply with high-speed trains.

Moreover, with the emergence of a fundamentally new sector of services, it is worth taking into account the fact that you may want to experience something unusual. Suddenly you want to go on a mini-trip around the country or buy yourself something unusual.

The Political Situation In The World – New Challenges

Familiarize yourself carefully with what you can and cannot bring into the country you are going to so that you don’t have to part with your favorite pen knife or ten packs of cigarettes at the border. The same applies to things for export.

Always find out where the embassy in the country you are visiting is located. If you lose your documents, you must go there.

Give up worrying that something will go wrong. Something is bound to go wrong, it’s okay. Think of everything as an adventure, approach the situation with humor and a “this is a story I’ll tell my friends when I get back” attitude. Only positive emotions!

Covid-19 and Other Illnesses have not Disappeared

Even if you have insurance, be sure to take the minimum medications you need: for headaches and fever, allergies, insect bites, intestinal distress in case of poisoning, as well as various bandages: antiseptics, plasters, bandages and green. Ask your doctor if you need to buy antibiotics, since in many countries they cannot be purchased without a prescription. you can find out more

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