6 ideas for real estate farming postcards for those who have been in the industry a long time!


If you have already been in the real estate world for a few years now – but you’re struggling to gain new clients and make some big housing sales – then you need to change your marketing and advertising tactics. Even though you may have previously had success with using social media posts, TV Commercials, newspaper advertisements, and magazine ads, you might find that the world is slowly changing. This means you need to update your current client outreach methods so you can expand your customer base and get some new business!

The best way that you can increase your sales and bring in some big profit in the upcoming year is to use real estate farming postcards. This foolproof marketing method is one of the best ways you can showcase your skills, prowess, and standing in the industry with clients in your local area. Click here for a few ideas of how you can use real estate farming postcards and the benefits of using this marketing method for an experienced real estate agent!

6 ideas for real estate farming postcards

New to using real estate farming postcards but not new to the industry? We have a few ideas for you that can help you get new clients and succeed in the business!

Latest sales

One of the best ways to gain some new clients is to show your latest sales on the real estate farming postcards. Even if you have not sold a house in a few months, you can include your last big sale that is sure to turn heads!

Include the biggest sale you have ever done

Did you ever sell a house that was worth $40 million? If so, include this on your real estate farming postcards! Anyone who can sell a luxurious and upscale house deserves to include this in their marketing method so you can show other wealthy and elite people that you will have no problem selling their house!

Current real estate firm

Including the current real estate firm where you are working lets potential customers easily find you and check the firm’s social media sites, website, and standing in the industry.

Contact information

Even if your email and phone number are listed on your company website, including your contact information on your real estate farming postcards is the easiest way that customers can reach out to you and contact you for a new job.

Use a just sold postcard

Even though you may have not just sold a house, using a just sold postcard shows that you are efficient at your job!

Just listed postcard

The last idea that you can use for real estate farming postcards is to use a just listed postcard. If you have recently acquired a home, show that you have just listed a house and that you are still a powerhouse in the real estate world!


Even if you have been around for a  few years in the real estate world, it can be hard to keep current clients in the industry. Use these real estate farming postcards ideas to help bring your business back to financial heights!

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