6 Interior Décor Trends to incorporate in your home


Our homes have received much attention, care, and love in the two-year-long confinement. Of course, staying inside and working or studying from home has drawn our attention to the tiniest details of our surroundings and made us more aware of our lifestyle and our living space, specifically because the interior of our homes reflects our personalities.

What we expect from our homes has changed and created a need for blending subtlety with vibrance to create an environment that is soothing and yet alive with energy. Additionally, our homes became multifunctional spaces that needed to serve as offices, classrooms, and recreational rooms, which placed new demands on them. The interior décor trends that we can expect to see in homes this year play upon the idea of contrast as they bring in contrasting textures, colors, abstract designs and call out to reclaim some of the old furniture. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when you redo your house décor.

1. Use two-tone colors

Gone are the days when the monotone color scheme was all the rage. The latest interior décor trend is to incorporate two-tone colors that complement each other or contrast well. Keep in mind that darker tones take up more space visually. For this reason, stick to using darker tones around the edges, and use lighter tones on large surfaces like sofas and carpets. It will make your space feel open and airy and create the illusion of a wide uncluttered space.

You can use the two-tone color technique to repaint your whole house but before you step into the world of decorators and designer furniture, pack away your old stuff. Find a secure location to store your old things safely. If you live around Terrell, TX, you can find numerous Terrell TX storage units that can fulfill your storage needs, and these self-service storage solutions are perfect because you can take out anything you need whenever it suits you. Also, you can safely store anything from your kids’ old stuff, toys, grandma’s favorite chair, and sentimental keepsakes for which you can’t find a space in your home. Depending on how much stuff you need to put in, you can choose the size of the unit, rent, and convenience.

After storing your stuff, you can apply the two-tone technique to every decorative item you choose. It is not limited to walls only. You can also use this technique for upholstery, cabinets, decorative pieces, etc. Keep in mind that the paint on your walls is a backdrop that should highlight your decorative items.

2. Include loads of texture

If you already have a neutral backdrop to work with and have no intentions to repaint your house, then opt for using textures to create an exceptional aesthetic. You can use some soft-touch boucle and velvet fabric and mix it with woven rugs and carpets. Moreover, add some wood to include a rustic texture to the mix, and if it complements the living space, then some leather furnishing won’t hurt either.

The basic aspect is to create more dimensions to each layer and bring it all back to life with different textures. However, the way you layer each item can make the whole place look pleasing or crowded. Mastering the right balance is crucial in this aspect.

3. Use nature-inspired hues

People have become more appreciative of nature since the pandemic. Neutral colors are taking a step back and making way for more natural colors. Natural colors like different shades of green and blue, dark browns, and sandy beige make the interior look calming and peaceful. These colors are neither too loud, bright, or dull to dampen the whole look. Additionally, color tones and combinations inspired by nature like the woods, flowers, and especially birds have found their way into fabrics, patterns, and materials.

4. Reclaim the vintage

The pandemic resulted in a major shutdown, and it disrupted the demand and supply cycle that was fueling the ease of replacing the old with the new. Stepping back from the grind has created a new appreciation for the vintage stuff. Given a fresh perspective to what can be done to capitalize on the potential of what you already have. For this reason, you can expect antique and vintage items to reclaim their spot in homes this year and perhaps for much longer. This solution is environmentally friendly, and it is also easy on the pocket.

The main task in this regard is to make these items truly feel like your own. After all, nothing forces a human to be more creative than a tight budget and lack of availability. A little work can do wonders in this regard. For this reason, look into ways you can refinish a piece of furniture, use new upholstery, or make it look new with some paint and polish.

5. Colorful tableware

Many house-bound people reported that they finally found the time to indulge their creative propensities during the pandemic and tried their hand at creating art. With limited forms of expression left, people have felt more desire to indulge in art and surround themselves with colors. In line with the trend, colorful tableware has become a new form of self-expression. Hence, you can use artfully decorated flatware, dinnerware, and even glassware. Paint a few of your own and utilize them as an opportunity to display your style and personality. So don’t be intimidated; mix and match some colors, and grow your collection slowly.

A less intimidating way to start your collection is to snag some colorful napkins and candles. You can even find pastel-colored cake and cupcake stands to brighten your coffee table. Then, try finding tinted and colored dinnerware and glassware. You don’t have to buy full cutlery sets at once. Collecting one small batch at a time is sufficient.

6. Go for graphics

Digital media has made its way into home décor with digitally printed wallpapers, murals, and tiles. Hence, you can use these digital prints to customize your graffiti wall and make it the point of focus in your room. So now, you don’t have to limit yourself to posters when you can customize the whole wall with digitally printed tiles. This aspect makes the possibilities for designs and ideas endless.


Although the trends in interior décor change rapidly, this year’s main focus is on homeowners who want to make their space look soft, comfortable, and inviting using the available elements. For this reason, using some of the tips, you can design a highly unique aesthetic space with decorative items that add a touch of your individuality to the interior.

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