6 Main Reasons to Leave New York for a Couple of Days and Visit Idaho in 2021


Idaho, one of the most sparsely populated states in the country and is rich not only in gold but also in natural attractions. You will find a canyon deeper than the famous Grand Canyon, a waterfall higher than Niagara, rivers full of salmons that make their way right in the center of the city. You can experience crystal clear lakes, dense forests, hot springs, and many other natural treasures that the Gem State boasts.

Needless to say, Idaho is the perfect travel destination for adventurers and active recreation enthusiasts. When planning your visit to explore the state, first of all, make sure to do it according to the COVID-19 restrictions. Second of all, allocate enough time to get an Idaho Powerball ticket and check in the most exciting places around.

In case you have been wondering why Idaho is worth your attention, here are your answers.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley is Idaho’s premier skiing and summer resort, which is very popular among tourists and fans of skiing, skating, snowboarding alongside horse riding, golf, hiking, and fishing. It is the first winter resort in the United States, modeled on resorts in the Alps.

Ski lovers come here from all over the world for the sun (335 sunny days a year), snow, air, and silence, and the Sun Valley welcomes everyone who wants to find themselves in a fairy tale and experience a winter miracle in reality.

Random fact: Sun Valley was a place dear to Ernest Hemingway‘s heart. He wrote his For Whom The Bell Rings here and found his final resting place.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is located on the Snake River near Twin Falls, Idaho. This beautiful waterfall is called the Niagara of the West. The height of Shoshone Falls is about 65 meters — 11 meters higher than Niagara Falls. The width of the waterfall is 274 meters. The waterfall enchants with its majestic noise, drawing tourists to admire it for hours.

Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene, located in northwest Idaho, is one of the state’s largest cities, situated on the vast Coeur d’Alene Lake. In this area with more than 55 lakes, Coeur d’Alene offers a wide range of water activities, including lake cruises and sailing, as well as rafting, kayaking, and almost any water sport you can imagine.

It also counts 18 golf courses and a Silverwood Theme Park with over 65 rides – from carousels to spectacular roller coasters, and a section of Boulder Beach with wave pools, water slides, fountains, and geysers.

Craters of the Moon

In the central part of Idaho, some of the most stunning national monuments and reserves in the United States are located. Three lava fields formed by a volcanic eruption occupy almost three thousand square kilometers. The unique landscape was called “Craters of the Moon” because of its similarity to the moon’s surface.

The caves amaze with their size, fantastic shapes, antiquity, and the fact that they maintain sub-zero temperatures even on the hottest day; some even have ice. It turns out that you can feel like a conqueror of other planets or a Star Wars hero without going into space!


Boise, the Idaho state’s capital, is often overlooked, but it offers a lot of small-town charm with great urban amenities. It’s also the starting point for an endless variety of outdoor activities and offers rafting right along the Boise River. Fly fishing, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking are just some of the popular kinds of active recreation in the area.

Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon is formed by the Snake River, is located on the border of Idaho and Oregon, and is a part of Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. The canyon’s depth is 2,436 m, making it the deepest canyon in the United States (more than half a kilometer deeper than the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona). Three hydroelectric power stations have been built in the canyon.

The deepest river gorge in North America has almost 160 km of unconquered rough river elements that attract lovers of kayaking, rafting, and other extreme sports. And those who like to spend time in a more relaxed environment can go fishing, as the rivers of Hells Canyon are teeming with the largest freshwater fish on the planet – white sturgeon!


Besides the apparent reason why Idaho is called the Gem State, an enormous number of travel destinations and places to see before you die creates some more fair suggestions. Picking Idaho for your holiday trip cannot be a mistake, as the state is busting out of activities to try and experiences to get.

Still, it is crucial to keep in mind the pandemic out there and study all the available information for particular places. The requirements may differ depending on the destinations you choose. A responsible approach will ensure your safety and peace of mind during the trip and allow you to explore desirable places without unexpected restrictions.

Among the activities here, you will find fishing, excursions by car, motorcycle, bicycle, skiing, rafting, mountaineering, numerous museums, and galleries and, of course, endless photography taking, admiring the stunning views and an extensive collection of long-lasting impressions.

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