6 Most Goatee Styles and How to Rock Them


Probably you have heard about goatee styles, but do you know what they are and how to achieve them. To start, let’s tell you the meaning of a goatee. It is one of the most growing beard styles in popularity, specifically among college students and business professionals. However, any guy can rock it.

Knowing how to shave your facial hair and keeping particular goatee styles can transform your looks from looking dull to a hobo or a rock star.

Why Should You Grow Goatee?

There are a myriad reasons why you should grow a goatee. The first reason and the apparent reason why you would like to grow goatee are that it is effortless to grow one, no matter which style you want.

A goatee is suitable for guys in their early 20s, but it is also an ideal option for those who cannot grow a full beard, but still need to rock some facial hair.

Some men find it disturbing when they have an uneven or patchy beard, which in most cases, grows on the chin and the upper lip area. If you are in either in these two categories, goatee styles would be the ideal choice for you.

According to MensHaircuts, a goatee can hide a weak chin by giving it an impression of fullness. In addition, guys who have a thin mouth with find goatee very valuable in masking that weakness.

Types of Goatee Styles.

Types of Goatee Styles.

Pure Goatee.

This is typically a goatee without a moustache. When you let your moustache grow and allow the sides to connect with the goatee, you get a full goatee style.

So, a pure goatee is a minor chin beard under the lower lip area with no moustache. The jawline is completely shaved.

Full Goatee.

This is also called a classic goatee. This is the main goatee style that most guys think about when they are considering to wear a goatee.

Generally, this is a circle beard where the facial manes of the moustache extend down and around the sides of the mouth, where it connects to the beard that continues only as wide as the outer part of the mouth. When styling the full goatee style, you need to make circle unbroken.

The Pretty Boy.

The pretty boy goatee looks almost the same as the true goatee style. However, it is different in one major way.

Instead of having a wide thick area of the facial hair, the trimming of the goatee is done backward in all the areas to create a thin line moustache and a goatee.

The Landing Strip.

This is another stylish variation of popular facial haircut that is ridiculously easy to maintain. To recreate this style, you cut off the moustache and hair on the chin except for the hair on the area directly below the mouth.

The landing strip is cut vertically down from corners of the mouth and past the chin.

Then Van Dyke.

This looks the same as the true goatee, and it is ideal for the men facing difficulties growing a full circle of hair.

Instead of having uneven hair or patches of hair, the van dyke is a combination of different patches, chin goatee, and moustache without any connection of these parts.

In this way, any disconnection in hair is hidden and cannot be easily recognised.

The Anchor.

When it comes to van dyke goatee, the hair on the chin is only restricted to a very small area. The anchor goatee styles is an extended version of the van dyke and allow the facial hair below your mouth to grow out on the lower side and normally closer to the sideburns.

The combination of broader goatee, moustache, and soul patch is what makes the anchor style. This where its name came from.

How to Grow Goatee.

Just like any other beard style, the first thing you want is to be patient. Your goatee passes through various stages, including the patchy stage. In addition, you will have to endure the itchiness that comes along with growing beards, especially in the first days.

During the first days of growing your beard, you should apply beard oil to eliminate the itchiness and speed up your beard growth.

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