6 New York Touring Tips for Filipinos on a Budget


New York City, also known as the Big Apple or NYC, is a haven for stockbrokers, fashion moguls, and business owners. It is also one of the most sought-after places by travelers from other states and abroad. While it can be quite hefty to explore New York City’s destinations, Filipinos can benefit from these six tips to tour NYC on a budget.

Look Out for Cheap Airfare Deals

Watch out for seat sales and discounts. Most airline companies offer monthly seat sales for various destinations, so it’s best to check for airfare deals that suit your schedule and budget. Check for airlines’ social media pages as they offer a lot of their promos and discounts there. You can also check reviews of various airlines to see which have the most affordable prices.

If you still aren’t sure, use apps that help you book the cheapest flights abroad. Kiwi, Hoppler, Skyscanner, Rome2Rio, and Travelzoo are some of the popular apps you can use to book cheap flights.

Rent Homestays, Hostels, or Guesthouses

New York City might be known for its luxury hotels, but staying in a hotel might not be friendly for your planned budget. Affordable alternatives are homestays and guesthouses. These accommodations are furnished with a bed, a television, refrigerator, air-conditioning, WiFi, telephone, and cable. You also can choose a room with a private bathroom or a room accompanied by a shared bathroom. Check reviews of these accommodations before making reservations to avoid inconveniences and a bad experience.

Plan Out Your Itinerary

New York City presents tons of destinations that will surely make your tour memorable. Plan out your itinerary based on the activities that you want to do. For example, day one can be for touring the museums such as The Met, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Guggenheim Museum. Day two can be your food tripping day, where you can taste Beecher’s mac n’ cheese, gelato, and New York pizza.

If you plan to visit Times Square, take note of the time and days that the area is not too crowded and chaotic so you can explore the commercial hub more freely. Times Square might also remind you of downtown areas in the Philippines like the Makati CBD and ETON Centris in Quezon City.

Buy Weekly or Monthly Subway Passes

New York City is characterized by its bustling transport system, among other things. Taking a cab is usually the way to navigate the city as it is comfortable and convenient. But if you want to save more money so you can go shopping and explore more destinations, then the subway is your best bet in traveling throughout New York City.

Purchase a weekly or monthly pass to take the subway. For at least 30 dollars, you can take the subway as much as you want, and you will only spend around 3 dollars per ride. This is cheaper than taking the subway without a pass, as you will spend about 5 dollars per ride. Besides saving money, you also exercise by walking to the subway station and destination after alighting the train.

Maximize Free Internet and Charging Stations

Buying data plans can be expensive. If you want to update your social media site while staying on a budget, maximize the free WiFi in the subway, coffee shops, and kiosks called LinkNYC. You can also use LinkNYC to check maps, charge your phone, and make emergency phone calls.

Because your accommodation already has Internet access included in its rates, use that to upload your photos and keep in touch with family and friends back home. Camping at a coffee shop or library to have WiFi access might not always be a safe option for you.

Shop at Chinatown

New York City is a well-known shopping hotspot. If you have waited for this New York trip to shop for designer brands, then Fifth Avenue is your paradise. But if you want to buy souvenirs and other items without overspending, you can explore the shops at various Chinatowns located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. You might even meet fellow Filipinos in these areas.

New York City may be one of the most expensive cities globally, but you don’t have to break your bank to achieve the New York tour of your dreams. With the right planning and being wise with your expenses, your New York experience will be memorable and exciting

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