6 Reasons For Using Mason Jars at Home


Why Am I Craving Beans So Bad?  This is not a very healthy sign however these days you get to see it almost every day. But before going into the details, we will discuss first some of the reasons why people use mason jars at home.

Do you want to do something for mother earth? Take our advice of using the unused mason jars lying around in your almirah. Although plastics are common and readily available, they take a long time to decompose. So, instead of using single-use plastics, you can use mason jars to provide sustainability and save mother earth.

Here are some fantastic ways of putting these items into use:

Use it to Decorate

Everyone loves enhancing the beauty of their space, but its downside is that sometimes it digs a hole in your pocket. No matter how much we want to make our home look beautiful, we cannot do it because it costs a lot. But with mason jars, we can satisfy our desires at a low cost. Instead of purchasing new hanging fixtures and scones, we can repurpose mason jars into beautiful lights.

If you have these containers lying around at a corner of your house, pick them up and fit them with electric wiring. Suspend them from the ceiling or put a candle inside to create a chandelier. You can also load them with string lights or save electricity by making an oil lamp. Make firefly jars out of glowsticks or fill them with tea lights for outdoor lighting.

There’s no limit to the decorative bottles ideas for these items. All you need is a creative mind!

Grow Plants in it

Even if people do it just for being in vogue, they have become environment friendly. Every other person you see on the internet calls themselves a plant mom. This trend has led them to grow small plants in their room or balcony, which has increased the sale of flowerpots.

But it rarely happens that we find exactly what we were looking for. If the same thing happens with you, too, you can use mason jars to create planters for your tiny babies. Boost the nutritional value of grains and seeds by sprouting them in these jars or use as a greenhouse.

Drill a hole into the bottom of your glass jar and use it as a regular flowerpot. You may affix it to the wall for a beautiful display of kitchen herbs. If you have a crafty mind, why not spruce it up a bit with paint? Try writing on its surface with a hot glue pen, then painting it for a lovely look!

Carry as Portable Lunch

Mason jars are ideal for storing food for an extended period, say one week. If you love healthy lunches but don’t have time to prepare every day, you can take one Sunday to make lunch by layering salads and storing them in the fridge. You can purchase a reusable attachment to turn the jar into a bento box that separates the ingredients until ready to mix. Many mason jars easily thread onto blenders if you want to have a smoothie or whip up some salad dressing.

As these items are sturdy and heat-proof, they are perfect ramekins for baking portable pies and cakes to take to for a picnic.

Store Small Stuff in it

All mothers love having a big box in which they can store the small things. They love organizing and keeping things to save space, whether it is a kitchen, garage, bathroom, or bedroom. With mason jars, their purpose can be fulfilled as these items are ideal for storing various stuff, whether edible or not.

Not sure where to put the candies you collected on Halloween? Or the seashells you collected from the beach? Use your mason jar to put everything in one place and display them on your shelf. You can attach magnets to the lid and hang spices on the fridge or use it as a soap dispenser. It can also be affixed to an office wall for placing stationery and other office supplies within arms reach.

With a bit of modification, these items can be turned into an excellent craft-storing jar. All you need to do is drill a hole in the lid, thread yarn through, and store the rest of the skein in it. Now you have no more disorganized yarn and ribbons!

Make Portable Speakers

Want to make your speaker sound louder for a party? Now you can upcycle mason jars to make portable desktop speakers and amplify their sound. Even if you place your portable music player in it, the sound will intensify in a pitch. So, if you’re ashamed of your low-sounding speakers, no need to be anymore because there is no limit to how you can recreate them using mason jars.

Use as Drinking Glasses

When it comes to mason jars, DIY possibilities are endless! From using it as a leftover-collecting item, you can also put coffee beans, sweets, and sugar in it. If you are running out of glasses at a party, don’t let your hopes down because mason jars are there to save your day! They can be used for pre-mix single-serving cocktails or organizing flatware for parties and picnics.

You can even use these jars to create DIY scented candles, room fresheners, and other items.

With a bit of modification and a lot of creativity, you can even turn mason jars into wine goblets. Some people use them for gift packaging by filling them with candies, cookies, manicure sets, sewing kits, or even custom candle packaging.

Final Words

For a long time, mason jars have been used for food preservation because of their non-toxic nature. But with time, people realized that there are many other amazing things they can do with these darned versatile and endlessly recyclable items!

Today, people have realized the versatility of these items and use them not just for storing food but also for decorating and bird feeding. They are affordable, timeless, come in various sizes, and have hundreds of practical uses around a house. So, if your cabinet is overflowing with these jars, we hope you use one of the above clever ways to put them into use.

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