6 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair


Your heating system can’t work without a properly functioning heat pump. As long as this machine is doing its job without any issues, you’ll be happy and comfortable in your home. Heating issues, however, can appear when you least expect them, and dealing with the pump is often the way to resolve them. Get some troubleshooting tips here.

Dealing with the pump, of course, is a job for professionals. Conducting an inspection as a layman won’t result in a very positive outcome, since you won’t know what to look for, and let alone how to fix the problems. These things are best left to the experts who have vast experience in not only identifying these problems, but also repairing them. But, there is something you can do before involving them.

You can, and should, pay attention to the more or less subtle signs that indicate repairs are in order. Some can be noticed only after inspecting the pump itself, while others are far more easily discovered. Below I’ll tell you about both of those types of signs to be on the lookout for and, as you’ll see, there’s a good chance that you’ve been struggling with some of those for a while, but you mistakenly took them for granted.

1. There Is Ice On The Coil

Here’s something that you will notice only upon inspection. If there’s ice on the outdoor unit while heat mode is on, that’s not immediately a reason to concern. That’s just the way the machine functions, and it will defrost from time to time. If, however, it doesn’t defrost, and if you notice huge ice buildups, then that should be a clear sign that bringing professionals in is in order. The same goes if you’re noticing that the ice is touching any moving parts.

Using a heat pump properly will help you notice when there are issues as well: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Heat-Pump

2. The Airflow Is Restricted

Moving air keeps is precisely what allows this machine to keep the temperature in your home to your liking, and if its flow is restricted, then you have a problem. The airflow can be restricted due to ice, as explained above, as well as due to dust and certain foreign objects that might be blocking it. You can notice reduced airflow while inside, though, because your home just won’t feel as comfortable and the temperature won’t be right. In this case, inspection is necessary and it helps get to the root of the problem.

The Airflow Is Restricted

3. You’re Hearing Strange Noises

Strange noises are another clear sign you need heat pump repairs, and yet it is also another thing that we often tend to ignore. Machines don’t change their sounds and noises for no reason at all. Some noises and clicking sounds are to be expected, but if you’re noticing something out of the ordinary, contacting professionals is a must.

4. Your Home Isn’t Getting Heated

Is the equipment working non-stop, and you’re still walking around the house in a sweater or with a blanket? How come that’s not weird to you? Well, this should be weird to you, because it is definitely a sign that the pump needs to be repaired. So, don’t ignore this and act on it instead.

5. And Your Bills Are Through The Roof

When the units are working non-stop and you’re still unable to get the home warmed up, do you know what will happen? Your bills will be extremely high. If you notice those unordinary high bills, you should get heat pump repair services as soon as possible. After all, there’s no need to pay that much when you can pay significantly less after getting one simple repair.

6. The Pump Is Old

Old pumps will either have to be repaired or replaced at some point. Nothing can work forever without encountering any kinds of issues, and the same goes for your heat pump. So, if you know that the machine is old, but you’re unable to notice any clear signs that it’s not working, an inspection will help you, and the pros will tell you whether repairs are necessary, or if you may need to replace the machine altogether.

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