7 Dress Styles to Make You Look Slimmer


Have you recently looked in the mirror and thought to yourself that you might be gaining weight? You are not alone. Most women are subconsciously self-conscious about their figures especially on days when we must dress for a special occasion. It can be a nightmare trying on a dress that you believe will not be a good fit for you—nothing to be concerned about. Dressing up does not always imply being thin or looking skinny. You can be body-positive, flaunt your curves at any size, and still look stunning in your chosen dress.

Here are some dresses that may help you look slimmer:

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are universally flattering, according to stylists and fashion-obsessed women. It is typically made of a lightweight and thin fabric. It wraps around your waist, highlighting your lovely curves. It also creates an automatic V-neck. A wrap dress with an A-line skirt creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Empire Waist Dresses

An empire waist dress is a good choice if you want to highlight the slim part of your torso, particularly the line right under your bust. Bringing attention to a small part of your body will make you appear slimmer. Empire waist dresses will draw the eye up to the bust. There are also empire waist dresses with A-line skirts or pencil skirts that slim the hips rather than flaring out.

Ruched Dresses

Ruching is a fabric gathered on a specific area of a dress. You can get a ruched dress from head to toe, or you can get ruching for the waist. Wearing a dress with gathered folds of fabric may appear counter-intuitive, but ruching draws the eye to the centre of the body, or a narrow part of the body flatters your figure. Ruching can also be used to hide unlikely parts behind the fabric. It gives any outfit more volume, sass, and attitude.

Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses skim the body and highlight your curves. If you want to draw attention to your waist, a sheath dress with a nice belt will do the trick. You can also conceal wide hips by wearing a sheath dress with a long jacket. Experiment with more colourful sheath dresses that flatter your complexion and draw attention to your facial features.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses, inspired by menswear, are popular among plus-size women. This type of dress can help you hide any flaws you do not want to show off about your body. It’s very easy to find a shirt dress that fits you perfectly, whether you have flabby arms, plump legs, or a visible belly. You can also wear it with a belt to draw attention to your waist and hips.

Peplum Dresses

Peplum dresses are a favourite of fashionistas, especially those with beautiful curves. This style of dress effectively conceals belly fat and adds much-needed balance to your figure. It also creates an hourglass body shape when worn.

Pleated Dresses

A pleated dress is the best option if you prefer your dresses to be looser than a tight peplum dress. A dress with a pleated skirt is not only extremely comfortable to wear, but it also conceals an unflattering tummy. Furthermore, vertical pleats make you appear taller, and your legs appear longer, which is a huge win for all ladies concerned about their body figures.

Don’t be afraid to dress up despite having body insecurities. Remember that you are attempting to look good not for the sake of pleasing others but to make yourself feel good and confident. So, pick up that dress and show off your curves!

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