7 Mistakes Of Writers While Preparing Their Essay Paper

A student needs to write essays throughout their academic career. It not only establishes their power of expression but also brings clarity to their thoughts. But a student has to manage all their modules side by side. 

Some students are good at writing, but others are deficient in it. Many factors contribute to the deficiency or lack of it. Do you think that you, too, make the same mistakes?

In that case, let us inform you that you might be making some common mistakes in essay writing. So if you identify those mistakes and work on them, you can be a better writer while preparing the essay paper. 

In this article, we will thoroughly understand some of the common and generic mistakes writers make while preparing for an essay paper. So check out to have a better understanding of things. 

Seven Mistakes That The Writer Does While Preparing The Essay Papers

One idea that hovers around the academic circle is that you are either a good writer or not a good writer. But the ideas are slowly fading because the essay prompts have specific requirements, and you must be mindful of them.

Apart from them, you also have to know about the standards of writing that your university accepts for higher grades. Get quality essays from professional essay writing services like Fresh Essays. 

Read them to understand the norms and standards you must attain to secure satisfactory grades. So visit the website freshessays.com to learn more about it. So in this section, we discuss the seven common mistakes writers make while preparing their essays. 

1. The Introduction Is Too Long 

Students make a huge mistake right at the beginning of the essay. They can not determine the length of the introduction section and make it too long. 

An unnecessarily long introduction section completely mars the structure of the essay. According to the accepted standards, the percentage of word counts a student must allocate to the introduction section is not less than 10%. But one or two percent extra can be okay, but if you increase it further, that goes into the corridor of question. Kindly check if you make the same mistake in your own essay. 

2. Writing A Synopsis And Not An Analytical Essay 

Another common mistake the students make is with the approach of the essay. They write their essay paper as if they are writing a synopsis of a long story. This is something that you need to work out fast. 

Please remember that the approach is the main factor determining the essay’s quality. Keep it analytical, and it means you have to put in both the positives and negatives here in the discussion. This makes the essay critical. 

A clear-cut argument must be present in your work. If not, then there is something wrong with it. So try to put in that analytical approach instead of reducing it to a mere synopsis. So read your essay and check out your approach to writing. 

3. Not Having A Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the lifeblood of an essay as it opens the argument of the essay. We already mentioned that there is no essay without argument. The thesis statement opens the argument. Now, most student-to-student falters with it. You do not write a strong essay if you can not create an argument. 

Let’s take an example. The increasing number of students in colleges and universities increases competition. Now you can write for or against the statement. Let’s try to explain it even further. According to Statista, around 14.65 million American students enrolled at different colleges in the United States. The figures are projected to reach a whopping 15.1 million by 2030. Now the increase in students might increase the competition. Hence it creates an opening for strong arguments. Sadly most people fail to achieve this objective. 

4. Using Too Many Quotes 

Please refrain from using too many quotes in your essay paper. It completely distorts the essay. Please remember that an essay must be governed by your own thoughts and not someone else’ how significant they are.

The professors check what’s your opinion in the essay rather than what’s been opined by others. They tend to overlap your opinions. Therefore, experts advise not to use them as they can not enhance but deteriorate the quality of your essay.

5. Passive Voice 

Passive voice is an indirect form of making a statement that does not go really well with the essay. Whenever you write an essay, write in an active voice. With an active voice, you can put your opinions directly and boldly, encouraging your attachment to the narrative.

Remember, when the readers read the essay, they always try to attach the writer’s attachment with the writing. Now without that attachment, your hard work can not be paid well. Therefore you have to understand it thoroughly and then develop your essay. This is one of the major mistakes writers make in their essays. 

6. Essay Prompt!

Some writers do not read the essay prompt thoroughly, so they completely deviate from the track. The essay prompt provides the complete structure and requirements. 

It also contains many questions that you need to address in the essay. Therefore, you have to be completely aware of the essay prompt. So let’s try to understand it, so stick yourself to the essay prompt. It can help you write your essays. 

7. Plagiarism 

Last and not least is plagiarism. Students often fall under the trap of taking others’ words and expressions into their own. By doing this, they fall under the trap of plagiarism. 

Most students who find it difficult to write well can not resist temptation and copy the lines from some scholastic writing, and that too is not giving their due. This is ethical and acceptable under any circumstances. Therefore you must make use of plagiarism checks before the submission of an essay. Do not fall into the trap, as it leaves a bad impression on your writing.

Ending The Discussion

Students make these essay mistakes, leading to decreased quality and grades. 

The only antidote to avoiding mistakes is a constant practice, checks, and teacher feedback. So students must be aware of these and try to avoid them to strengthen their essay paper.