7 Reasons To Choose Aluminum Gates


If you are looking for a striking alternative to conventional gates, aluminum is a great option to consider. Furthermore, the price tag isn’t the only thing that consumers are excited by. Aluminum gates are a great investment for the long-term, thanks to their many positive attributes.

To learn more about the main advantages of aluminum bi-fold gates, continue reading below.

1. Sturdiness

Aluminum gates tend to be very strong, to begin with. You can expect a high strength to weight ratio from reinforced aluminum, even though it is so lightweight.

As such, it is hard to quote strength – the main reason that most people opt for bulky metal or wood gates – as an argument against aluminum gates. When you consider all the advantages of aluminum mentioned here, you will see that it is a top option, even though it is not as strong as steel.

2. Lightweight

Aluminum is light, as mentioned above, but to what extent?

In comparison to iron and steel, aluminum is 3 to 2.5 times lighter. While that is all well and good, what is the implication when it comes to the gate you choose for your garden?

You will get to enjoy the following, in addition to the security provided by an aluminum gate:

Easier handling translates into an affordable and straightforward installation process.

If connected to an electric motor – an affordable one will do – the system will be more cost efficient and easier to run.

Opening will be easier.

On top of making it safer to operate an aluminum gate, the above also lead to significant savings. If you have kids, this is very important. It is a must have, if the kids regularly have to jump out to fetch wayward footballs or open driveway gates.

Your wallet and the environment will thank you for it because you only need a small motor system to run a lighter gate. This makes it an eco-friendly and cost saving alternative.

3. Added Durability

Good for you if you can live with a garden gate without ever getting scratched.

However, owning a garden gate comes with lots of scratches and dings for the rest of us. Fortunately, a powder coating pre-treatment is applied on aluminum gates. This extends their life. Moreover, fixing any dents and nicks is easy.

Furthermore, over time, the joints on aluminum gates are expected to perform better. Consider this, you will have to treat the metal joints and wood if you go with wooden gates.

4. Reasonable Prices

Aluminum gates are starting to sound expensive even with all of the above advantages.

Fortunately, in comparison to wooden gates, they have a similar price point. This means that no one can argue that they are more expensive than their wooden counterparts.

5. Minimal Maintenance Requirements

As previously mentioned, it is easy to fix aluminum, which is highly durable. However, what really stands out is that your gate may never require any maintenance.

Unlike wood and iron gates, you won’t have to repaint or restain your aluminum gate. Why? The powder coating on these gates is stylish, in addition to being weather resistance. There’s no need for painting the gate for maintenance purposes, as paint is fused into the aluminum surface.

Regularly wiping the gate is all that is needed. You can check out this guide, if you want more information on how to care for and maintain your aluminum gate.

6. Stand Up Well To The Elements

It’s true that steel is stronger than aluminum. However, aluminum gates get anti-corrosion properties from their powder coating. As such, their finish lasts longer.

In cold weather, aluminum does not get brittle. However, when exposed to such conditions, you can expect warping and rotting from wooden gates.

All in all, you can expect to do less maintenance work, whether you are going for a metal pedestrian gate or one for your driveway.

A natural layer of oxide will form over a bare aluminum surface. This provides some level of corrosion resistance. You can prevent this level of oxidation through the powder coating process. Furthermore, you can create a seal against exposure to air and water through powder coating.

In the simplest of terms, powder coating refers to the use of an electric current to apply a fine powder over the surface of the metal. Ultimately, this leads to the formation of a corrosion and weather resistant shield.

7. Unmatched Elegance And Contemporary Appeal

You don’t have to worry about compromising on style by choosing an aluminum gate.

You can even opt for imitation wood-stain aluminum gates, if you are really into wooden gates. However, we are confident that our black powder coating gives our gates a sleek and contemporary touch.


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