7 Reasons You Need An Electrician Immediately


If you don’t have the necessary skills to handle things like outlets, wires, and electrical panels, don’t attempt to handle electrical repairs. There are some home repairs you can try yourself, such as fixing a leaky sink, but electrical repairs are not on the list. Whether small or big, you should always hire a professional electrician for all repairs.

Numerous homeowners attempt to fix electrical repairs on their own to save some bucks. Little do they know that DIY electrical repairs can wreak more havoc. Besides risking expensive damages, they also put their safety at risk.

With the tremendous growth of technology, the dependability of electric power has increased. Coupled with disruptive innovations created every day that use electricity to make work more comfortable, the growth is expected to rise further with time.

Our lives entirely depend on electricity, and thus we are at higher risk of inconvenience when electric power suddenly disappears. To avoid inconveniences and enhance your safety, it is prudent to hire a reputable technician every time you experience one of the following electrical issues.

1. Flickering Lights

If your lights are constantly flickering, call a professional electrician immediately. Flickering lights are an indication there is a severe issue. Lights may flicker as a result of many heavy load electrical appliances operating simultaneously. The use of several appliances simultaneously could put a strain on the electrical system.

Additionally, this could happen if your appliances are driven by motors and thus draw high current. To avoid such problems, each appliance should be connected to a dedicated circuit. An experienced electrical Toowong expert should handle the complex electrical task.

2. Tripping Breakers

Although a tripping breaker is safe, it could mean there is an issue with the circuit’s wiring when it happens occasionally.

A breaker would trip if the wiring is damaged. Worn-out wiring is not capable of carrying the usual amount of current. Wires get damaged due to various reasons. The most common cause is the chewing of the cables by rodents. Also, the damage could mean wear and tear of old wires.

3. To Update Outlets

If your home is a bit old, the outlets may only have room for two prongs, which can be extremely difficult to use in today’s life. Nowadays, all outlets have room for three prongs. Though there are adapters to bypass this problem, it gets overly cumbersome.

Additionally, if you are looking to sell your home, updating the older outlets might help you fetch good money. Check more about that here and find out where to hire trusted electricians to fix any electrical problems.

4. Multiple Wires Under the Carpet

If there are many wires on your floor or under the carpet, this exposes you to several accidents. You could easily damage the wires with your feet, or someone could trip over the wires and sustain serious injuries. Hence it is imperative to call an electrician to fix additional outlets in your home to minimize the number of wires running under your carp.

5. Extra Warm Electrical Outlets

If you find out that power points, switches, and other electrical surfaces are extra warm, it is best to call a professional like W3 Electric immediately. If the underlying problem is severe, the switches may give an electrical shock. Have the issue resolved as quickly as possible to avoid accidents.

6. Overloaded Outlets

If there are multiple add-ons or plug-strips on your sockets, then you are overloading the electrical system. In layman’s language, the electrical system is working beyond its limits. This means there are not enough electrical outlets in your house to fulfill all your electrical needs. Or else, some sockets could be at a distance, therefore using plug strips could be the only option.

The problem could be resolved by hiring a professional electrician to install additional circuits.

7. Constant Blown Fuses

If there are repeated trips in your electrical system, call a renowned electrician to resolve the issue. If blown fuses accompany the problem, don’t buy time; call an electrician immediately.

Blown fuses are a sign that the system is carrying more current than it should. Frequent trips could also show multiple issues that should be investigated by a qualified electrician.

By: Jim Pullman

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