7 Top Reasons Your Hair Length Seems to be Letting You Down!

Best hair salon Santa Cruz would answer that question you have always had on your mind- why won’t my hair grow? or why is my hair length static?  You can check it out!

Two out of every three ladies out there grumble about their hair refusing to grow, hair breakage, or hair length remaining dormant after several years of keeping it.

Did you know your hair should grow an average of ½ inches monthly? That’s a whopping 6 inches in a year! You’re surprised, right? Yeah, it’s expected if you have been struggling with 3 inches or a TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro) for some time, which is possibly running into years.

The good news is that your hair keeps thriving but unfortunately, it has been doing a poor job of conserving the length which results from a host of reasons I will be sharing shortly.

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Reasons for a dormant hair length:

  • Genetics: Underlying the attractive peculiarities in each man is a major force governing them- Genetics. Physical traits such as height, complexion, eye color, weight, down to hair properties are all controlled by genetics.

Your genes define the development stage of your hair cycle- the rate at which it grows.

If you do every other thing right and the hair length is still not complying, it probably means that you have reached the maximum length for your hair. If this is it, then I’m sorry! You can only conserve the length your hair has attained, do you get?

  • Age: As you grow older, there’s every tendency that the rate at which your hair grows and its thickness lessens. Your hair is likely to lose its shine and become duller as you advance in age.
  • The dearth of Moisture: A moistened hair stands a very great chance of maintaining hair length. It protects the hair from tangles which cause the hair to snap and improves hair elasticity. Your hair is liable to mature longer if dampened regularly.
  • Hands-in-hair Syndrome: This is when you can’t just get your hand/fingers out of your hair. When you run your fingers through your hair repeatedly, you steal its “heritage” – water or whatever moisturizer you applied to it. It also leads to tangles, breakage, split ends, dryness – all of which cause the length to be stagnant.
  • Bunches of Split Ends: You have a few split ends? Take them off! Because they will merely give rise to many others, cause your hair to tangle and break and eventually distort the retention of hair length.
  • Poor nutrition: What you miss out on your diets would ultimately affect the growth of your hair. A deficiency of vitamins A, B, Biotin, protein, iron, zinc, selenium, and some others would affect the length of your hair. Eat right!
  • Erratic hair care routine: Your hair won’t grow if you don’t have an effective hair routine or you fail to stick to them.

Keep your hair moisturized, try to keep your hands off your hair, trim off your split ends, cultivate a practical hair care routine, and incorporate the essential nutrients in your diet to get the hair length you’ve always craved.

Have a great hair life!