8 of the Most Common Reasons Cars Get Towed


Information can often be fascinating, whether it’s the best things about New York City or the top reasons why cars get towed away. It may be that the latter is something you’re interested in learning about, whether it’s happened to you or someone you know. Whatever your motive, you can learn 8 of the major reasons why cars get towed by reading this article right now.

1. Parking In A Handicap Parking Spot

Disabled spaces are reserved for individuals with disabilities. Those who park in these spots need to be displaying a handicap placard that is visible through their windshield.

Whilst handicap parking spots are often in demand by those who need them, they are also very limited in number. Therefore, when somebody uses one without proper authorization they open themselves up to getting towed. They are enforced 24 hours a day with tickets starting at $250 – so what might seem like an empty spot could possibly cost you hundreds!  If you have what looks like a doctor’s note or prescription on your dashboard, the chances are it will not prevent the tow truck driver from removing your car.

2. Because They Have Broken Down

No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, this is always a possibility at any time.   Cars break down every day because of flat batteries, tire damage, oil leaks, engine problems, brake issues and more. If you call a tow truck, you can access emergency roadside assistance and the opportunity for local or long-distance towing. It can take you to your trusted mechanic, dealership, tire or auto body shop.

Whether you’ve run out of gas, locked your keys in the car or need a jump start, help can be supplied at a cost from professionals.

3. Parking Too Close To An Entrance

If you park too near the entrance of a business or building, you could be towed away. This is because you’ve made it difficult for other cars to get in and out.

It may be that you’ve parked in front of a person’s driveway after being asked not to do so by the property owner. If you ignore their request it could mean you’ll be towed away.

4. Blocking traffic

You can be towed away for blocking traffic or being within 15 feet of an intersection. It also applies if you’re driving slowly or stopping on the wrong side of the road.

In fact, you should never stop, stand or park too long on the highway without pulling over to the side. Never park against the flow of traffic or you will be penalized.

5. Meter Issues

A parking meter is a device used to collect funds in exchange for the right to park a vehicle in a particular place. They can also post time limits on their use which depends on the area. They often come with a maximum amount of money you are allowed to put into them.

Whilst the law may vary in different areas, you can be towed away if the time has expired but you’re still parked there. One common issue that arises is when people don’t have enough change or cannot find any nearby machines that accept cash – making it a race against time to get what you need.

6. General Blocking

Never park within 15 feet of a sidewalk, crosswalk or intersection or you could be held accountable. The same thing applies to loading docks and blocking pedestrians.  If you block traffic signs this could cause road accidents and endanger human lives. Mailboxes should also not be obscured by your vehicle.

Emergency Areas

Never block access for emergency vehicles, because you could be putting other peoples’ lives at risk. If you’re parking in a fire lane, both tow trucks and firefighters have the authority to remove your car. Even if you only stop to drop off a friend, leaving your car in what is perceived as an emergency lane means it can be towed away.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are designed to provide water in the case of an emergency. They’re generally located at street corners, and if you park within 15 feet (or closer) your car can be towed away immediately. Again this falls under the jurisdiction of both firefighters and tow truck drivers.

Construction Zones

Generally, you should never park in a construction zone. If your vehicle is blocking any part of the lane that’s being worked on it can get towed immediately. This also applies to driveways where there’s heavy equipment being used. Unless otherwise indicated by signage (usually with an arrow) don’t stop here because these areas are off-limits.

7. Parking In Forbidden Areas

Never park in loading zones and taxi stands, or where there are “No Parking” signs or road markings to this effect.

If you park in these areas or at public transportation stops (e.g. for buses) you could get legally towed away.

8. Bad Parking

Never park on the wrong side of the street or near schools when children are present. If you’re parked too close to the curb or more than 18 inches away this could cause you problems too. The same thing applies if you’re parked with one wheel on the sidewalk or curb.

If you have no proof of insurance when requested by a law enforcement officer or a lack of license plates or registration tags, your car could be removed. It will also be taken if it’s left unattended for more than 24 hours after being parked illegally.

Double Parking

Never double park in an area designated for single parking only. If vehicles are double-parked they may be cited with a moving violation and/or be removed immediately. Double parking is illegal within city limits in most places, being classified as an obstruction as well as creating hazardous road conditions.

You’ll now see that there are many reasons why a car can be towed from its resting place. Whilst you may not always be able to prevent your vehicle from breaking down, you can take active steps to park responsibly and avoid getting penalized for it.


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