8 Reasons Why Most Rings Don’t Last


Rings like other forms of jewelry run the risk of getting damaged or tarnishing. This could result from different reasons; exposure to water, chemicals, dirt, etc.

A good ring buy is often judged by the duration of its luster. The store could be blamed for quick tarnishing, rust, or other damages.

However, there are ways that you can also play a part in saving your rings. Also, see here for the best bridal set by Kay. And if you want high-quality lab engagement rings with purer diamonds. Meanwhile, you can also read our post entitled Wedding Engagement 101: A More Practical Guide here.

The 8 Reasons Why Most Rings Don’t Last

It is agreed that it is much easier to defeat an enemy you know and can see than the one you cannot. This is the principle of most job principles and it applies to rings also.

Listed below are eight reasons why most rings don’t last. Also, we posted here the very beginner’s guide to couple clothing.

1. Accidents

Given the fact that a ring is worn over your finger which often comes in contact with almost everything you do, your rings are prone to the effects of accidents such as burns, heavy objects, etc. So, it is best to be mindful of accidents when wearing your ring.

2. Proper Storage

Rings like other forms of jewelry are mostly made of metal and metals do not do well with dust and humidity. Depending on the quality of your ring, it can be subject to rust. Proper storage also involves storing your rings individually as they can rub against one another and cause marks.

3. Not Cleaning Regularly

Not cleaning your ring regularly can be quite detrimental to your ring. Wearing your ring regularly means that it probably comes in contact with a lot of dirt and substances; sweat, grease, etc. Without regular cleaning, your ring could be headed for a slow end.

4. Cleaning the Wrong Way

For those who know to clean their rings, there is still the sensitive aspect of choosing the right method of cleaning your ring. For a diamond ring, ammonia-based cleaners are used; chalk pieces for silver, etc. Know the right method to clean your ring.

5. Wrong Size

Wearing the wrong ring size can affect the durability of your ring. That means it can spin around a lot, around your fingers, or whenever you wear them, and get dented or worse. Wear a fitted ring. Your fingers would also add to its rigidity against external forces.

6. Low Quality

There are grades to metals. There are grades to gold, silver, and other metals. While buying a cheap ring might be the only option you have, always try to go for the real deals. It is always better than settling as low-quality rings often rust or even change color over time.

7. Thin Rings

Thinner rings are more prone to dents and damages than thicker rings as they can get bent easily and even squished.

8. Wearing Your Ring All the Time

Wearing your ring all the time can be detrimental to its durability. It is often best to make a habit of taking off your ring whenever you are performing tasks, such as bathing, lifting weights, cooking, etc.

Those are some reasons why most rings don’t last as long as they should. Keeping these in mind would save you the usage of your rings for many years. And if you find this post interesting, we suggest you also read our article about how to properly explore one’s sexuality.



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