9 Key Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa


The Portugal Golden Visa allows you to stay in the state, enjoy the privileges, and become a citizen with the appropriate document after five years. In addition, you can obtain a residence permit and work and study in Europe in exchange for fund contributions or a real estate purchase.

Obtain Portugal Golden Visa It is a common and popular approach to Obtain Portugal Golden Visa in exchange for a cash deposit. Even though it is five years from this point, it is still significantly less than in other countries in the European zone.

You can get a permit by investing in national funds or buying real estate. The first option starts from 250 thousand euros, but foreigners usually choose to purchase construction projects. The cost of apartments must be at least 500 thousand euros. What are the pros offered to foreigners?

9 reasons to choose Portugal

Portugal golden visa benefits are related to many areas of life:

  1. Special tax status and benefits.
  2. High level of education.
  3. Access to advanced medicine.
  4. Access to the banking system.
  5. Citizenship in Europe.
  6. Free travels.
  7. Nature and climate.
  8. Sustainability and stability of the state.
  9. Security.

Migrants can obtain non-permanent resident status and secure a preferential tax rate for ten years. In addition, residents are protected from double penalties, as there is an agreement signed with many regions.

Education in the area is affordable and of a high standard. The system is generally similar to many in the world: kindergartens for preschoolers, secondary school education, and undergraduate and graduate education. The region is home to several of the best universities in the world. The Advantages of Portugal golden visa can be used for future generations.

According to the expert Victoria Atanasova, many migrants choose the region for the quality of medical care at https://immigrantinvest.com/blog/medicine-in-portugal-en/. Public and private clinics represent this system. The level of efficiency of institutions is equally high. The life expectancy of a Portuguese citizen is 82 years on average, which indicates a high standard of living and quality of medicine. Comfortable climatic conditions have an impact on this. Therefore, it is comfortable and safe for pensioners and children to live here. The moderate pace of life and low crime rate contributes to enjoying life and Portugal residency benefits.

The state has proven itself to be a politically and economically stable machine. Migrants are looking for stability and income security and choose to land. The European banking system has a high confidence rating and protection of deposits. And this, in turn, is a powerful Portugal residence by investment program benefit.

Cosmopolitans have the opportunity to travel to Schengen without additional permits. In addition, the time limit for stays in other countries increases to six months. In addition, the time limit for visits in other countries increases to six months. Businesspeople who need to meet a lot and make deals worldwide will appreciate such a bonus. Canada and the U.S. are also happy to accept European citizens without obstacles.


Portugal is one of the top demanded and accessible European gold card schemes. You can take advantage in exchange for investments in various funds or by purchasing an apartment. Of course, the minimum cost in these cases is different, but all benefits are much more expensive.

International mobility, quality medical, banking, and educational services are available to cardholders. Families with children and retirees should pay special attention to this region. A low crime rate, pleasant climate, and measured life have a noticeable impact on the health and resilience of the nervous system. The state is reliable and stable and can be a backup airfield in light of political world events.

Visa-free Visa-free travel across many republics is available to holders of a card and a portuguese passport. Undoubtedly, it takes five years of waiting, and you must learn the national language to get the document. However, all of this pale compared to the benefits opening up.


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