9 Tips For Preparing For a Long Distance Move


Moving for extended distances attracts more damage risks compared to short-distance moves. Luckily, there are proven ways to minimize these risks and safeguard your belongings along the trip through engaging moving companies near me. Here are nine tips to consider when preparing for a long-distance move.

1. Buy adequate moving and packaging materials

Ensure you have acquired enough packing and moving materials when planning to move. It’s frustrating to start packing and then run out of packing supplies or discover that there are no available boxes in your local shop. Therefore, you must shop for adequate packing supplies to avoid all these issues.

2. Break Down Large Items

It’s easier to move huge items such as beds, bookcases, dining tables, and other furniture when they’re deconstructed. Breaking them down creates more space in your moving truck to accommodate more items. If you choose this option, it’s good to ensure that the bolts and nuts are safely labeled and stored in an easy-to-retrieve place.

3. Avoid Rushing

When planning for a long-distance move, most moving experts such as 9Kilo Moving advise that you need to avoid rushing to create more time by replacing destroyed items. Have adequate time to find the right items to wrap up your fragile items. Wrapping up these items with clothing such as a towel reduces the risks of breakage, especially when moving for long distances.

4. Distribute Items to Several Boxes

Items are more exposed to damage when moving if they are packed in a way that makes them weighty. To avoid this, it’s advisable to break down heavy items into a few packing boxes per the guidelines for well-known moving companies near me. Big boxes are hard to lift and pose a considerable risk of breaking down at any time.

5. Fold up the fragile items

Safeguarding fragile items such as mirrors, furniture, picture frames, TV sets, and other items is quite complicated if you have no idea how to go about it. Fortunately, moving companies near me recommend packing papers, magazines, cushioning rolls, clothes, and towels to fold these items. The fact that these items will shake throughout the trip shows the need to wrap them attentively.

6. Eliminate Space Between Items

Items tend to break down if they come into contact with each other repeatedly. You need to get rid of space between items to respond to this issue—moving for long distances, regardless of space between items, exposes your items to the risk of crashing down. To reduce the shift space, insert items such as lines, packing papers, clothes, or Russian dolls.

7. Use plastic tubes or bins

Using plastic tubs or bins has been proven to be the best way to offer a lot of space to keep your items. These devices are the best when moving. They are transparent enough for someone to notice the items inside. They are also user-friendly and give room for reopening as much as the owner wants.

8. Consider professional help

With the assistance of moving companies near me, the moving process has become easier than you can imagine. Working with a team of professional movers helps to reduce the moving damage.

9. Go the Insurance Way

By having   the items insured, you’re likely to get your money back after they have broken down. The insurance will cover some items and replace them without you paying an extra dollar.


It’s now clear that moving companies near me will make your long-distance move more manageable. This ultimate guide has well-researched tips to help you move.

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