9 Top Tips For Creating Beautiful Home Spaces


There’s nothing quite like decorating your home, is there? Whether it’s a home you built, a home you bought, or a home that you rent, it is your space. Home is where we spend most of our time when we are not at work or school. If you are lucky enough to work from home or to be home-schooled, then home is where you spend the vast majority of your life. To enjoy every moment that you spend in your little castle, you have to feel completely at ease and relaxed. There’s more to that than just living in the prettiest towns and choosing the most comfortable sofas and chairs, let us tell you!

There’s an art to interior design that aims to provide people with a sense of calm and happiness when they’re in their homes. Of course, since calm and happiness mean different things to different people, there are no hard and fast rules on how you should achieve them in your unique space. This might be a little daunting for those who feel they don’t have the artist’s touch but never fear; we have nine of the best interior tips to help you create beautiful spaces in your own home.

1.  Frame It

This applies specifically to any room that features a TV. Instead of leaving your TV as it is and mounting it on a wall or displaying it in a unit, why not frame it? Confuse your guests and make them guess whether it’s art or a goggle box! Some TVs come with a frame option; for others, you might have to have one custom-made. Once the frame is on, choose a cute screensaver, and you’re done! The TV will look like a piece of art whenever it’s not in use.

2.  Organize It

If you have items on a shelf or surface that often end up looking untidy (things like spices in the kitchen or paints on a desk), invest in some organizational products. Depending on the aesthetic of your house, you can choose whatever kind of material you like; open bins, lidded baskets, or even screw-top tubs.

3.  Paper It

If you don’t want to paint a whole room and you’re looking for something to spice up a feature wall, why not try some removable flower wallpapers? The application process hasn’t really changed that much in the hundreds of years that wallpaper has been around, but the prints sure have. Get a custom-made option for that extra unique touch.

Paper It


4.  Grow It

Adding a plant (or fifty) to a room is a surefire way to bring a little life into a dead space. There are big plants, little plants, and big and bold or subtle plants. There is a plant for every kind of person out there! Remember to choose the right type of plant for the light in the room and check how much care the plant needs before committing to one.

5.  Light It Up

If you’re still using the overhead lights…where have you been? The “Big Light,” as it is known in many parts of the world, is the least creative and interesting way to light a room. Invest in a couple of lamps instead! They are exciting design pieces on their own and bring a certain ambiance that the “Big Light” just can’t match. Remember to go for the warm white bulbs, not the cool ones, unless you want to feel like you’re living in a hospital!

6.  Lay It Down

Whether you have wood floors, tiled floors, or carpets, there’s never a floor that wouldn’t look better with a rug on it. There are so many different shapes and sizes, so many colors and textures. Adding a rug to a big space can make it look warmer, a colorless room can be brought to life by a colorful rug, and a boring bedside can suddenly become cute and comfy with a fluffy one.

7.  Hang It

Don’t leave those walls bare; add some hanging art to a room to bring it together. It doesn’t have to be huge; all it has to do is represent some artistic endeavor that feels like you. You could frame some family photos, purchase a graphic print online or shop around your local flea market for something with a little character. The only requirement is that it makes you smile!

8.  Move It Around

This is a tip for when you don’t have any extra cash or space for new items. Move your current furniture around into some exciting new configuration. You might need to shift some pieces out of a room and others in; you might even need to change your bedroom altogether. Whatever you do, make it fresh!

9.  Reflect It

Adding a mirror to a room brings a whole new dimension to the space. Go as artsy or simple as you like; add a round, sun-ray mirror, go wobbly and frameless, or find a vintage piece in an online store. Adding a mirror not only adds a design piece but also brings extra light into any space.

Wrap Up

Any of these tips will help you create some truly unique and lovely spaces in your home. Have you tried any yet?


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