A Brief Overview of the History of Men’s Underwear


Men’s underwear has come a long way since humans started wearing clothes. Throughout history, there have been various variations on the basic underwear of shorts and boxers.

Breeches, leather, and tunics are all examples of base layers. It was common practice in several societies to have more than one pair of underwear at any time.

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1. Loincloth

Humans have been wearing clothes for a long time. The first loincloths, or something like them, were probably made from animal skins and sewn together.

The prehistoric man wore leather coverings for his loins while doing daily business. It marked over 7,000 years as the beginning of recorded undergarment history.

Loincloths are still worn today by some people in certain cultures worldwide but are not generally considered an acceptable form of underwear for men.

The shendyt was a form of customized kilt that the pharaohs wore. It was a textile item wrapped around the wearer’s waist and generally went down to the knees or even more.

2. Codpiece

In the Middle Ages, codpieces were a popular part of men’s underwear. Under the doublet or coat, they were worn to draw attention to the wearer’s genitalia by extending from the waist.

A man’s codpiece is fastened to his pants with buttons or strings. Its name comes from the Middle English word cod, which means bag and scrotum.

Codpieces were usually made from leather or cloth, but some were made from metal. They could be stuffed with wool or horsehair to make them stand out more prominently.

The most expensive codpieces had jewels sewn onto them to make them more attractive. Codpieces were popular throughout Europe during the 16th century.

3. Drawers

Drawers were the most commonly worn underwear for men in the 19th century. They were usually made of linen or cotton and were designed to fit snugly around the legs.

Even wearing several layers of petticoats, this design of underpants made going to the bathroom much easier.

They would have been worn under trousers and often featured a fly front opening. As the 20th century progressed, they became less widespread as underwear and more common as outerwear.

However, you can find them in select stores if you’re looking for a more classic accessory for an elderly gentleman’s attire.

4. Jockey Shorts

During the 1930s, jockey shorts were used as underwear for men. It was a popular way to go back to the old times when men wore loincloths and other types of underwear.

The jockey shorts were made from cotton, which was an inexpensive material at that time. It was considered more comfortable than other types of clothing due to its breathability and durability.

It became popular with men who wanted something that would fit their bodies better than conventional boxer shorts or boxers.

This new type of underwear had elastic bands on both sides, so you could adjust them as needed. They also had a pouch inside where you could store your private parts comfortably.

5. Boxer-briefs

The 1970s was a time of change in society, as well as in fashion. Men’s underwear was no exception, with the introduction of briefs, boxers, and trunks.

Underwear for men in the 1970s was characterized by solid colors, elastic waistbands, and simple patterns. Boxers were still worn but were not as popular as briefs or trunks.

The boxer brief was introduced during this decade but did not become popular until later. Underwear for men during the 1980s featured bolder colors and prints than their 1970s counterparts.

They also had more intricate designs, giving them a more luxurious look than previous underwear pieces.

6. Cotton Underwear

Underwear for men in the 21st century should be comfortable and functional. The best underwear for men is made from breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the body.

Underwear for men also comes in various styles, colors, and sizes to suit every man’s needs. Some men prefer boxer briefs, while others like boxers. Some briefs come in various cuts and designs.

In addition, several different materials are used in making underwear. These materials include cotton, nylon, and silk, among others.

Cotton Underwear became popular because it is affordable, durable, and soft against your skin. Some are hotter than other fabrics when worn all day long under their clothes.


Today’s underwear is more comfortable and affordable than ever before. Many people are opting for comfort and affordability over style these days.

This article showed you how men’s underwear had changed significantly over time. It’s fascinating to think about how different cultures have approached this garment and how it is still evolving today!

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