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If you are looking to make your HVAC or the home AC unit last long, you need to ensure periodic maintenance and servicing. Without regular maintenance, the filter, rotors, and other parts accumulate dust, grime, and dirt which reduces efficiency, cooling power and increases the utility bill. In addition, consistent dirt accumulation without cleaning for an extended period may even lead to AC failure, electrical hazards, and fire. Get answers to your questions by checking out hvac idaho falls.


Let us get the repairs out of the way. Yes, repairs are possible depending on the extent of the damage. However, it is vital to understand that repairs can be costly. Therefore, a better idea is to maintain the unit with proper care with commercial HVAC/R, which will negate any requirement for an outright repair job from a company that understands quality while maintaining a budget. Remember, if you are privileged enough to afford one, you should also ensure adequate care. However, the question remains, how often should you check, and what should you even check?

Servicing detail answered

Make sure to contact expert professionals who will take charge of the hvac installation. However, how often you need to service depends on the environmental condition and the brand. Too much heat and dust mean regular use in situations that will require thorough cleaning every three months. However, if you are living in cooler, cleaner climes, then having the unit serviced thrice every year will do just fine. If your AC use is seasonal, then you can get away with one service every year. Visit HVAC San Bernadino CA, your one-stop AC installation, maintenance, and repair service.

You still might need repairs

Minor repairs are required from time to time. These are usually to the pipes, ducts, and vents. If you are handy around the house and with tools, you can attempt these by yourself. However, please maintain extreme caution while handling electrical appliances for their shock hazard. Additionally, if you are new to such devices, you might break seals, leak the coolant or electrocute yourself. So, do give your expert a call before landing yourself in a spot of bother.

Filter cleaning

The filter is the most easily accessible part of the AC that requires regular cleaning. Usually, the filter is located right behind the grate or the vents on the unit. If you notice a lowering of cooling efficiency or a decrease in the “throw” of the cold jet, then it might be time for a thorough filter cleaning. All you need to do is remove the grate and take out the filter. Then, you can clean it yourself under running water. However, keep in mind that AC filters trap bacteria, fungus, and dirt – so take your precautions. And lastly, please dry out the filter before putting it back inside the unit.

General cleaning

Every HVAC and AC system requires cleaning; the unit and other internal components. Yes, you can do the filter from time to time, but you can thoroughly clean other inaccessible areas through pressure cleaning and other latest methods. The only way to ensure that is to hire a professional HVAC maintenance and cleaning service.

Remember, HVAC appliances are expensive, and most require gentle handling and extreme levels of maintenance. We hope that our list of tips allows you to do just that. All the best!

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