A Guide To Hand-Tied Extensions


Hair extensions are affordable and come with countless benefits. Besides, they are so adaptable and have innumerable uses. You can use an attachment whenever you struggle to try a new hairstyle. Moreover, extensions can make up for the difference in natural length, volume, color, and more.

Along with the different features of an extension, you will find various other ways to fix it. Of those, the most widely used methods are clip-ins and sewed-in ones. But there is yet another way to add these attachments that are hand tied.

The best part about using false pieces is that they are entirely hand-made and not artificial. This is because they do not have to be glued to your scalp or taped. Hand tied extensions blend in naturally, and you don’t have to worry about damaging your roots.

Here is some more critical information about these attachments.

What Are Hand-Tied Integrations?

Hand tied extensions are attachments that are hand-knitted. They are comfortable and natural. While using this kind of product, you will see that people can barely notice the difference. Since these attachments are excellent at mixing in with your natural mane, you can’t tell if it is genuine or false.

The beaded technique to attach the segments is similar to the hand-tied way. But the crucial distinction between the two is that hand-tied integrations have a wider reach over your head. They can give your tresses a denser look and enhance your hair’s quality.

These attachments are fragile and don’t weigh much, making them comfortable to use. Since they are adaptable, your natural hair will fall straight in line and blend with the attachment. Also, given that they weigh so little, they don’t add stress to your scalp with the extra burden, unlike other variants.

Are They Budget-Friendly?

The cost of these attachments varies on a lot of factors. Aspects like length, volume, shape, and color significantly affect cost. Therefore, when looking for the correct product, you must first do all the necessary research and choose the one you want to buy.

The hand tied attachment will also decide the cost based on the above mentioned variables. Naturally, shorter-length products will cost less than longer ones. If you are confused about choosing the best type of false hairdo for yourself, you can take the advice of a hairstylist and make your decision.

There are charges for fixing artificial attachments in a salon. So, you can seek the help of a hairstylist to attach your hair integrations if you cannot do it yourself. Getting your attachments fixed by stylists will cost you somewhere between $1000 to $1500.

Since it is a delicate process, it can be lengthy and take a few hours to complete. Therefore, it might be more advisable to get it fixed by a professional.

How Durable Are They?

The hand-tied extension will last about a year if maintained well and with complete care. To increase their durability and use them for the maximum amount of time, it is best to use them per the suggested guidelines.

Along with caring for the hairpiece, you also need to ensure that you are using the right styling products for them.

Hand-tied attachments can bring out the natural beauty within your hair without costing you much. This makes them a fantastic product to invest in.





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