A Guide To How And When You Should Contact A Car Accident Lawyer


Have you been in a recent traffic collision and are thinking about how to seek the aid of a car accident lawyer? If you’re unsure about the how-tos of this process, you can breathe easy. Below are tips on how to do so through a set of practical steps.

When NOT To Get A Traffic Collision Lawyer

No serious injury has occurred

A knee scrape, a bruise, or a small cut do NOT warrant filing a case against the perpetrator of the accident. Thus, they aren’t valid reasons for you to call for a car accident lawyer (although that’s not to say that said injuries should be taken lightly).

What we want you to understand is that only lingering injuries such as severe damages to the bones, muscles, and the like are considered strong cases. When they’re not, you’ll simply be wasting money on paying for legal fees when your claim is likely to be rejected.

Better that you hear it bluntly now than later. Even reputable representatives such as Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney echo the same.

On the other side of the coin, this is why it’s essential that you seek medical attention as soon as possible, and the closest period of time from when the accident happened. In doing this, medical professionals will be able to immediately assess your condition and either clear you of your injuries or find possible complications that may arise because of them.

Fee calculation and your budget

Once you’ve done your calculations and they reveal that they just won’t fit your budget, or that they will, but will have you tighten the belt unnecessarily, then that’s your answer. And this will tie-in with the first reason.

If the injury caused merits serious attention and demanding medical procedures hereafter, then you can plead your case. If the opposite, then it just might not be worth it.

How To Find The Best Car Accident Lawyers

Experience And Referrals 

For traffic collision FAQ and accompanying lawyers that will do the job crisp and well, you should scout for those with experiences in terms of successful cases. This is one of the main and only methods you can use in verifying the capability and the level of expertise a lawyer or a firm has.

Second, hunt for information about referrals. Talk to people who’ve faced the same predicament and have worked with lawyers who were able to plead cases into victory. Compare notes on those whom you’ll speak with and weigh your options.  Also make sure you check out the best car injury doctors new york city as well.

The Fees Are No Joke

More often than not, the most experienced and qualified traffic collision lawyers ask for a hefty price at the onset. That’s understandable. You’re not only paying for their services but for an almost pre-destined win.  Be sure to also look for specialist in things like brain injury law as well.

However, this isn’t absolute. There are lawyers who do not charge high rates because they banner justice more than their price range. They’re quite the rarity. Still, they’re out there. You simply need to do your scouting.

In contrast, just because a firm asks for a high rate doesn’t necessarily equate to them having capable lawyers. With this, refer to the first tip.


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