A Practical Guide to Cheap Flight Ticket Bookings


Whether you are up for a solo trip or a family vacation, finding a cheap flight deal sets the right mood for remarkable holidays. After all, if the airfare is skyscraping, you’ll have to cut back on your trip’s spendings.

With the above in mind, I’ve curated a user-guide on how to master the art of cheap flight booking, irrespective of where you are heading to.

Let’s find out:

Be Flexible With Your Travel Schedule

The airfare varies considerably depending upon the day of the week, month, and occasions such as New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving. In a nutshell, if you fly when everyone is flying, you’ve to go deep into your pocket to pay for the flight tickets.

But, fortunately, there is a way out, how? Try to be flexible with your trip dates.

For example, if you are planning a romantic vacation in Paris, then prefer during the spring, as then there are fewer tourists than average. So, that’s your best chance to find a cheap flight deal to Paris.

Whether you are visiting Europe or Russia, off-season dates are the mantra to save some extra dollars on your flight tickets. The more stubborn you are with the dates, the less likely you’re going to find a good discount.

Apart from off-season, it is always cheaper to fly during the week than the weekend as most travellers prefer Saturdays and Sundays.

So, in the meantime of finding a deal, if you or anyone in your family has a phobia of flying, then enroll for a fear of flying program. Veteran pilots run such short-term programs to help first-time flyers to cope with the anxiety by clearing all the doubts and queries regarding the safety of air travel.

Be Flexible with The Destination

If you are serious about getting a cheap flight ticket for your upcoming trip, you’ve to be somewhat flexible about the place you want to travel. It only works, if you are on vacation, not a business trip.

Compare the airfare for multiple destinations, and surprisingly you’ll discover there are great tourist attractions with low airfare.

When you’ve locked one destination, you’ve to buy tickets at whatever price asked. But, when you become flexible with the destination, then a bigger world of opportunities opens up, and you find amazing discounts online.

Avoid A Direct Flight

To save money on flight booking, you not only have to be flexible with date & destination, but also the route to reach your place.

For instance, it is cheaper to fly to London and take a budget airline to Amsterdam, rather than travelling straight to Amsterdam from your home location. Moreover, the tactic is quite helpful for nervous flyers, as long flights without a break can take a severe toll on their minds.

When booking two separate connection flights, make sure you keep a gap of three hours as this serves as a buffer for delays as the second flight is not going to wait for you.

This method requires a lot of research to determine the different routes to reach a particular destination, helping you save a ton of money in the process.

Keep a Tab on Online Deals’

Be Flexible With Your Travel Schedule

It is a no-brainer to sign up for the mailing list of some top airlines, and last-minute deal websites will alert you with incredible offers.

Most of the time, the deals may not align with your itinerary, but by keeping an eye, you ensure that no value-for-money deal is missed.

More often than not, cheap airfare deals have a limited window for 24 to 48 hours. So, if you’re not surfing the Internet, you’re bound to miss some fantastic offers.


Apart from these, other pro tactics to find a cheap flight, start searching for the deals and well in advance, use points and miles, and take special discounts.

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