A quick peek into tree wounds and their treatment


A landscaped garden or lawn with trees requires regular caring and keen attention. If you want to keep trees in good health, make sure you check for wounds and injuries from time to time. Some damages naturally heal, while others can break the surface, leading to decay due to insects, viruses, and bacteria attacks. The tree can become weak and eventually die also. The sign of the wound is the broken or scarred tree bark. Damaged roots and exposed sapwoods also indicate the same. You can track tree decay in any of its parts by observing the signs and symptoms.

When you find them, you should treat them. Unrecognized symptoms will manifest in the tree’s health. You can control further deterioration and improve their wellbeing with proper treatment.

Finding a tree wound

Various reasons, such as fire, storm, animal attack, lawnmower, and inappropriate pruning, can be the reason for tree decay. If you believe that something may have harmed a tree in your property, start investigating the damage. Do you see a broken bark in the trunk or a living tissue? Wounds can change the structure of the tree by preventing it from getting the nutrients. So you would have to spot the damaged portion and isolate it to allow it to become healthy. The exposed tissues can attract fungi and bacteria, which spread infection and impact the tree’s structure.  Other pests will also cling to the dead tissue. And all this can create an ugly wound.

Getting the treatment

A wound in the tree trunk can be dangerous. If it pervades almost half the tree, then it is a serious matter. You must contact a well-known tree removal company, such as Empire Tree.  They not just remove trees but also treat wounds. They can give you the best solution for tree caring based on the structure and species.

Some people try to treat smaller wounds themselves. However, you don’t need to get into this if you are unsure about your skills in this matter. There is a difference between a tree’s and a human’s healing process. A damaged tissue usually grows callus covering the affected area to control the spread of the damage. After this, they develop normal tissues surrounding the wound.

So you can expect the arborist Salt Lake City to isolate the impacted tree part to make a passage for callus growth. They can use a knife to prune the injured bark near the wound without hurting the healthy bark. The cuts will be minor as they would want to prevent exposing other live tissues.

Those who specialize in tree service Salt Lake City and maintenance know the right measures. Hence, you can trust them with their job. Some people can advise you to cover the open wounds with aloe vera or any other products. But don’t fall for their suggestions. These can be more harmful than you expect. If you hire an expert, you will not have to worry about anything. They will do their task, and you can spend your energy and time on something that deserves your direct involvement.




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