A Very Beginner’s Guide to Couple Clothing


It is understood that everyone has a fetish, and it is okay to embrace yours. Are you looking for something that might add kink to the bedroom? Are you looking for something to embrace your BDSM side? Well, there is no rush; it is quite simple if you put a little more thought into your clothing items for couples. A little more revealing, a little shorter, try to mimic a character. It is the little things that go a long way.

BDSM is not only rough and pain-inflicting sex; rather, it is an entirely different ideology that is very pleasurable for both partners. It includes clothes, makeup, tools, position, and, yes, dominance and submission.

BDSM a concept

Not many people understand the concept of BDS; they might be interested in it or even enjoy it but not being familiarized with the concept leads people away from embracing it. BDSM involves two partners, one being a submissive one and the other taking the more dominant role. Keeping the basics in mind, there are four components to BDSM;

  1.     Bondage: Mainly refers to restricting movement using ropes, handcuffs, etc
  2.     Discipline and Dominance: The discipline term refers to punishments mainly for not following rules, and Dominance, on the other hand, is a physical upper hand either in the bedroom or outside as well.
  3.     Submission: A submissive partner seems to enjoy the dominance of the partner. It refers to submit to the actions and rules set by the dominant.
  4.     Another of the shoot and a little more rough side to BDSM is known as Sadomasochism which is a collaboration of two separate concepts, a concept of having satisfaction in inflicting pain to the submissive partner known as sadism. Another collaborative concept is masochism which refers to pleasure in receiving pain. Not many enjoy this side of BDSM, but everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes.

Build the ambiance

All of you must have watched the movie 50 shades of grey, but in reality, BDSM is not much like it; you do not need a red room to get in the vibe. You do not need to have a penthouse for such a fetish. All you need is the right attitude and the right clothing.

1.    Declaration

First, declare yourself as a dominant partner or someone that enjoys submissive pleasure. Now before getting into the clothes, you need to work on a little kinky ambiance that you may need for a better and more pleasurable experience. Start with the lighting. Low lights, adding some candles, or even neon lights can help bring the mood to set in the right direction.

2.    Romance

This is not the traditional romance experience, so forget the roses and the rose petals. Add more color to yourself rather than the room because for a better BDSM experience, the eyes and focus should be on you. Use aromas for additional situations such as men’s perfume, vanilla passion fruit, or even cassis and white tea. Something that is powerful but yet subtle.

3.    Lead on

Coming to the last part of the ambiance, music; you may be a fan of rock or even jazz, but for a BDSM experience, you need something that can sync with your rhythm. A few songs that you can try are;

  1.     You’re mine by oscar and wolf
  2.     Pendulum FKA twigs
  3.     Obedience by KFDMD
  4.     (slave to) lust by The mission
  5.     Dominated love by Green day

You can have your own personal collection as a better option, but this music is made to enhance the experience overall. Now that the ambiance is set, you can proceed to yourself and your Kinky Cloth’s collection of BDSM clothing.

Guide to BDSM clothing

The idea of BDSM clothing starts with a declaration of your inner personality; either you are a submissive partner or a dominant one. This guide will add a little more kink to your sexy. When you wear BDSM clothing, just think sexy, and it will be like pressing play on a video.

1.    The tops

Wear something that is tearable, strange, or something that is easy to hold on to. The colors that are more on the favorite list are black, red, maroon, and even ink if you want to add a little girly touch to it. What might help you in this area is;

  1.     Bandage bra harness
  2.     Long sleeve latex bodysuit
  3.     Chain body harness
  4.     Queen body harness
  5.     Tassel vest harness
  6.     Black widow body harness

The styles and the accessories might be additional, and a little change but the basic concept and use are the same; you have excessive body exposure that stimulates arousal and seduction with minimal clothing that has the urge to remove it.

2. Lingerie

Mistress high-waisted lingerie or a BDSM body harness is for those who like to be a little more dominant. It gives the appearance of someone who is seductive but will not put out on another person’s terms.

3. Accessories

Items like a neck leash or handcuffs can really add more kink to your dress-up. It gives more dominance to the partner who is controlling it. A belt collar and leash is another evolutionary accessory that has been used in the BDSM experience; it provides more control, eases to puns, and has your way with the submissive partner. These items are designed to keep BDSM with minimal romance and more pleasurable pain and control.

4. Outside the bedroom

BDSM is not only limited to the bedroom and sex. It has a mindset of its own. You can find clothing that will promote your mentality regarding BDSM, such as wearing a crop top that says Choke me on it and underneath a BDSM bandage bra harness.

Another mix and match you can do are wearing a leg garter harness under your skirt or over your jeans. It is a perfectly sexy dress-up and is clear of what you demand. Another sexy outfit you can wear with a skirt, slim jeans, or shorts is;

  1.     With Leather and buckle steel boned corset
  2.     Backless mini sexy latex dress
  3.     Chained body harness
  4.     Long sleeve latex bodysuit

You can wear these items to sex up your routine dressing and be ready for a BDSM experience whenever you feel like having one.


BDSM is not just related to sex; it is a mindset that needs to be satisfied accordingly. It includes clothing, ambiance, the couple, and the attitude towards it. It is not like role-playing. Rather it is an entirely different type of romance and pleasure that some enjoy very much. Though if people try it out in their bedrooms; it might actually spice up the nights.


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