Advantages In Using PDFBear And 8 Features You Can Use


With the current events that happened, the demand for online services became adamant. Most industries are becoming reliant on the online tools that provide them with efficient tools, which allows them to save resources. One of those tools is the online converters. These web-based tools are convenient, especially when you need a tool to help you manage and organize your files. PDFBear offers you numerous tools in its platform. Here are some things that you can do on the website for free!

1. Converting Your Word Files To PDFs

Included in those tools is an online Word to PDF converter. With PDF files being difficult to edit, it will be convenient for you to turn your Doc files into a PDF format. Additionally, PDF files are more comfortable to share and have a more appealing appearance. If you are looking to change your file format to PDF, PDFBear is ideal for you to use.

With PDFBear, you can achieve this venture without any hassle. Firstly, you will have to upload the Word file you need to convert. PDFBear will scan and start the process of conversion, and all you will have to do is wait for a few minutes. After which, your converted file will be ready.

The steps are pretty simple. This quick way of converting allows you to have more time to do your other tasks. Additionally, it is not only time that you can save when using PDFBear, but you are also saving resources.

You are wondering how? Well, with PDFBear, there is no need for you to download anything nor install it. Since it is web-based, you have the liberty to access it freely. You can also check out pdfescape for more great options.

2. Locking your PDF

with PDFBear, you can lock your files, add encryptions to them, and limit the people who can access such files. Additionally, this way, you feel more secure, especially if your files contain confidential information.

3. Unlocking your PDF

PDFBear also offers you the option to open password-protected files. This is especially helpful if you wish to remove the encryptions on your files. Please do take note that you must have the authority to remove the encryption in order for you to do this.

4. Compressing your PDF

If you have large sizes, PDFBear can help you with that. You will save yourself from panicking if you find yourself needing to reduce your file’s size; PDFBear is happy to aid you with that.

5. Split your PDF

PDFBear offers you a splitting feature where you can extract pages of your documents when necessary. This helps you reorganize your document or even when you wish to remove individual pages from your original file. By using this website, you will save tons of hours trying to edit a single PDF.

6. Merge your PDF

If you want to save space on your device and combine some files, you can access PDFBear’s merging option. This way you can keep your files organized and also it will be easier for you to find them.

7. Repair your PDF

Amazingly, PDFBear can also help you with your corrupted files. No need to pay someone else to fix your files since PDFBear can do it for you for free! The repair option will allow you to retrieve the files that suddenly became inaccessible to you. With this, you can have your corrupted files back up and running in no time.

8. Convert HTML to PDF

This option is advantageous for web designers. PDFBear allows you to convert several different file formats to PDF and not only Doc and HTML.

Fast And Reliable Online Tool

PDFBear guarantees you a fast and efficient way to convert, merge, split, etc., your files. It will not take too much of your time. Additionally, with PDFBear, you can assure that the resolution of your files remains the same. It does not affect the contents of your files either. With PDFBear, you have a very friendly online tool that you can access worry-free.

Final Thoughts

Though PDFBear is best at what it does, there are also some things you should take note of when using the web-based tool. For one, since it is online, you will need to have a consistent internet connection every time you access the website. Without it, you will have no access to the tools PDFBear has to offer.

Second, when you want to try it out, PDFBear has a short trial period. This is mostly part of the marketing strategy for you to decide as soon as possible if you want to make a subscription. With the trial period, you will access PDFBear and enjoy everything it offers altogether.

Regardless, PDFBear is indeed a useful tool that will always come in handy when you need an online tool to help you keep your files organized.



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