Advice For Newbie Drummers


Being Patient

Learning a new skill is going to take some time. It can take many years before you become a great musician. You need to be patient, do the work, and you are going to be good. You can get there through good guidance and focused practice.

Slowing Down

One common problem beginners face is trying to play things too fast. This is going to make things harder for you because you don’t get the chance of learning new drumming movements and patterns. You will have better success when learning when you slow things down. You can speed things up once you have mastered the basics and techniques.

Learning to Read Music

Reading music can seem scary when starting, but it is not that hard. It is important to learn this. Learn to read and you will learn better.

Seeking and Finding Inspiration and Passion

What type of music do you like? Find drummers you like and immerse yourself in music. The main goal of learning a new instrument is to make music, so explore music and let it excite you. The basis of a good musician is passion and emotional drive. When you listen to great musicians talking about their story, you will notice they are obsessed with master musicians who they looked up to and tried the best to emulate. Find musicians and music that inspire you, and you will find yourself with a drive to be better.

Practicing as Much as You Can

It is going to take thousands of hours to be really good, so keep that in mind. If you take lessons but you are not practicing, then there is a good chance you are never going to get to a point where you are good, or your progress is going to be very slow. Invest in a pro drum kit from If you invest time into practice, you are going to see and feel yourself getting better. You will fall in love with practicing because you want to get better. You will be happier every time you play the drums. This cycle is going to help you a lot.

Being Open-Minded

It is normal to like some types of music over others, but this doesn’t mean shutting other things down completely. Maybe you will hear something good in a place you didn’t expect. You are going to be a more skilled and well-rounded drummer if you know the different types of music and play different styles. You could promote this by looking for piano teachers in your area. A piano teacher can open the door to a music career or simply allow you to enjoy playing your favorite songs. There is someone who did not like jazz but became obsessed once they worked with a good teacher.

Finding a Good Teacher You Respect

You can watch videos online and read books but nothing is going to replace private lessons with a great drummer. You need a one-on-one lesson with someone who is good at teaching and low on the ego quotient. A good teacher is one who you can see playing somewhere and wish you could do it like them. This is the meaning of respect. If you like how a teacher plays, then you will want to learn from them.

Enjoying It

You need to be pretty much happy when playing the drums. If you love it, then it should be something that brings you happiness. Playing drums is fun, always keep that in mind. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself. If you are not having fun, then you shouldn’t be doing it. Enjoy it and you will have an easier time learning. This is music, it is not a matter of life and death.

Developing Your Technique

Technique is very important, never ignore it. This is the hardest aspect of drumming. It is going to take time and work, and it is frustrating to learn. If you are patient and have the drive to develop great techniques, the time spent on it is going to be worth it. This is going to add to your drumming more than anything else. This is the best thing you can do. Good technique will go a long way in expanding what is possible when playing.

Playing with Other People

If you go online, you will see most of the videos are of people playing on their own or practicing in their room, but it is a good idea to look for like-minded drummers you can play with. Music is something done best when in a team. You are going to learn a lot by joining bands earlier in your learning stages. You shouldn’t skip this step because it is very important.

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